It’s a good game…

Content of the article: "It’s a good game…"

Bought this game four months ago and now, here I am, have completed the story and msk. Only thing I can do to get to pl130, is wait for another 3 legendary survivors with the same personality type, and wait for the research points for ton of months.

Not gonna lie, I hate grinding game, but this one is different. I think I have spent way too much time on this game. And I know the developers of this game are pretty clever, figured out some ways to get players coming back for the game, even if it's already "finish development" since three years ago.

I love story-telling game, and God. I like the humour of this game, when I started playing this game, watching the first cutscenes, I imagine tons of things that could potentially appear inside the game. Wish for more cutscenes after some quests, special mission like the one from blockbuster, etc.

I have a love-hate relationship with this game, I know I should have spent way more time doing something productive instead. I love playing this game, but I wish that this isn't the endpoint we could have gotten. A game we paid for early access to try the game instead of just cosmetics for another mode. We were promise somethings that we'll get in the future but that never happen. Just wish there's more than that, apparently the Fortnite Game Lead doesn't appreciate the hard work from Stw Dev team, and even the players.

For me, there's no point to grind the game even more unless there are more story contents or things I haven't experience, since I don't care about CB and pl. I guess it's nice to at least have this game even existed in the first place.

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I'll be still playing, but for vkek from now on like I shouldn't have, but there isn't any point to play the game anymore and won't be surprise if I did uninstall the game in future.

Btw, thanks for coming for my Ted talk, have a good one, commender.

(ps. there's nothing wrong with buying mtl pack just for the skin, but you should give this game a try and see if it's for you, the game itself is basically 0$ if you buy the pack, I just don't get it why they're treating this game like it's completely worthless)


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