It’s a sad day… part 2

Content of the article: "It’s a sad day… part 2"

I posted a while back about leaving the game and then something funny happened. I had fun playing with some friends. We did the game as a group. It was cool to be reinvigorated in my love for the game. And then the group I played with got bored with the game. Then, 13.2 patch came out. It was the new none of us wanted to see. The game is finished. But I held out hope for Ventures. Surely that is what we can get on board with. Fast forward to season 2 of ventures. What the hell is this? I mean, who will ever spend this much time leveling up their survivor squads and weapons to PPPPower LLlllevel SSSiiixxxxxttttyyyy? The current calculations are to do so will take YEARS. I've been here since 2016. I love this game but what's the point of leveling up anything past where we are now? Spoiler warning… There is no content coming to have ANY need to use PL 60 weapons.
I know this is no great revelation to anyone but, this game has no future. Epic abandoned it. It's just dying on the vine. The majority of the core developers have all gone on to other projects. All content is recycled, a great deal of it that worked in the past is now broken and there is nothing on the horizon. How many times can they dredge up Dungeons. They completely spiritually destroyed Frostnite. Fortnitemares rehashed, yet again. They abandoned Fight The Horde. Serious question, how long has it been since Epic reused that event? At least it was different.

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I feel as though Epic promised us a finished product. This is not a finished product. It's cake soup. Epic/Tencent gave us a partially cooked cake. A lot of us ate it, knowing what the batter tasted like. But now most of us have grown disgusted by what could have been if Epic had finished cooking the cake. It's like they took Save The World out of the oven too soon and don't know how to fix it. Along the way, Epic let good people go. They moved others to different modes. This is not meant as a knock against the current developers. I do not think you can fix a mess like this unless you start again from scratch. This is a cake soup. And as far as I can tell, they don't give a damn about finishing the game in any meaningful way. I said before that I won't cry because it's over, I would smile because it happened. That was a lie I told myself. I'm 100% sure that the mods in the other sub would strike me down and remove my post. So, I won't post it there.

I just…. I just needed to say the words. I am done with STW. Not if they have a new mode. Not if they add a new thingamabob. Not if they fix the unresolved issues with the game.
This iteration of STW is done for me. Not for now. For good. And I walk away sad, angry and disappointed. Not at all how I wanted it to end.
If you go this far, I do hope for the best for STW. I think that it had all the potential to be transcendent. A very unique place in the gaming marketplace.
All my best to the commanders.

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I hope one day, you do save the world.


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