I’ve been thinking about how ventures could be a really fun gamemode.

Content of the article: "I’ve been thinking about how ventures could be a really fun gamemode."

I personally don’t mind ventures but parts of it could be much better. I know lots of people talk about this but I thought I’d throw in my 2 cents because why not. If you have any suggestions that are good I’ll add them to this post and try to have it organized into categories.

Weapons- I know one of the main complaints is how you get your weapons and resources to craft traps. – My main complaint is that you can’t craft your own weapons or change your perks on a weapon you get, you have to rely on rng to get good perks or weapons. I love the vending machines because they let you try out weapons you don’t necessarily have but it would also be good to have weapons that are perked properly. Solution? I think that it would work pretty well if you could craft guns up to the zones power level out of your schematics using the same resources that you would need to get something out of a vending machine. I also heard someone saying that you should be able to change the perks with a upgrade bench and I fully agree with that. It would be great if you could change perks like you repair weapons, with the resources that you find in game. That was my biggest complaint but I have a few more ideas for how it could be better still.

Resources I think this is more of an opinion issue but when I was starting to level up it was very hard to get any resources to craft traps or get weapons out of vending machines, which I understand is part of the game but also discourages people who want to be able to play without having to farm every second mission. I understand that farming is a big part of the main storyline games but if feels out of place in ventures to me. Any thoughts? Am I the only one who feels like this or do other people agree with me?

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Modifiers All I have to say is that I think we can all agree that the rage modifier where you had no energy last season was horrendous and I don’t think anyone wants to see that again. I feel like this seasons modifier is good and forces people to play with shotguns and swords and would love to see more modifiers like that. Another short section but it had to be mentioned that rage made last season very hard to play long enough to get all the rewards (I did not even manage to get the weapon voucher because I quit so early on in the season).

Rewards I think that they rebalanced what levels you got the rewards at this season very well but I think they could do a little bit better. I liked that the “main” rewards (vouchers and core reperk) were lower levels but I think they could add some more rewards other than superchargers as you go higher up. I think that one voucher for a hero and one for a weapon each season is balanced but I wouldn’t be insulted if they added more. I think the main thing they could add to make leveling up higher more worth it for everyone would be more core reperk and some “rarer” items like flux or legendary reperk or even llamas. Now something to keep in mind is that I’m not a max level player so I don’t have a use for supercharges and don’t quite understand how they work but from what I’ve heard they should give more but I think they should have things that are interesting for all levels in between superchargers.

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That’s all I have to say but I can incorporate any suggestions from the comments if there is anything that sticks out and have a nice day/night. (TLDR in comments)

Also side note: I know epic won’t do this because they care only about their pretty child that makes them money and won’t put any devs on stw for some unknown reason, but I just wanted to put my opinions out there and see what people think.


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