I’ve given up! Jail building needs to stay in public

After months of hating jail building, I’ve come to my senses and agree that jail building is an integral part of this game.

There’s a lot I gotta say after the first week and half of these gameplay changes so sit back and enjoy 🙂

Note: Everything I’m about to say is related to public ONLY and primarily concerns with RTD in the 140/160 zones! You have the right to do whatever you like in private

First let me address what made me detest jail building

I like many enjoyed jail building when it first came out. It revolutionized the way Save the world was meant to be played. Low effort for easy rewards, who wouldn’t like that right?These builds started out in RTD and slowly made their way to all other mission types. It got to a point where people in my lobby started playing other games while they waited for the mission to end. It was almost like STW became a chore for some. To me, jail building made the game boring. It was like I was watching a simulation rather than playing a game. There were times I questioned why I was playing the game. Why do I have 100+ weapon schematics if I can essentially never use them when the defence starts. What’s the point of all these traps I have crafted in my backpack? It got to a point where it felt like placing a damage trap in RTD was a sin. That’s when I had it.

There was a short period of time when I would try to do damage builds in public RTDs to see how people would react and well 70% of the time, half the lobby would leave. The jailer aka constructor would almost NEVER stay if he saw a damage build being built. It seemed like no one wanted to play the game they way it was meant to be played. The other 25% it would be AFK, leechers, and clueless players dependent on others. The other 5% players were truly special. They had similar mindset to me and played the game with high IQ. I even talked to a few of the players over the mic and found out that some of them were older players who worked in very respected professions similar to me (engineers, doctors, etc).

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What happened with this update

With this update, we saw changes to crowd control. At first, I was excited to see these changes and how they would play out in public lobbies. The first game I played (RTD) was something special. I met another guy, high PL player, and he started building a damage build. I had to blink a couple times just to make sure I was not seeing things. I even went to go wash my eyes. He built for one spawn while I built for the other. He even ran constructor not because he had to but because he wanted to. I typed in the chat to let him know that his building was excellent and that you don’t see GEMS like him too often.

He said “Thanks man! I really appreciate it. Ever since the update I feel like I don’t have to obey the norm now that jail building isn’t as effective. It’s a breath of fresh air to not be forced to jail a RTD.”

Sadly, the next few games I played didn’t go nowhere near as good as the first. It was filled low IQ trap placement, building as if this high level twine mission is a canny/low level twine mission. Players building from within and not from without. Ex. Spamming broadsides, gas traps, etc around objective walls.

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Eventually, people were back to jailing RTDs as they realized that power base and the banner glitch can out heal the damage of any husk.

I do feel bad for the private players. I feel like these players really did get the short end of the stick.

To all the players that ran twine endurance religiously

I share a similar opinion to many others on the trap change. It’s absurd that a husk can only be stunned 5x. This essentially makes recycling obsolete. This was NOT the right way to combat jailing. A lot of twine endurances were built around recycling. So with this change, almost everyone’s twine endurance was impacted in some way. Personally, I don’t think twine endurance should be able to be done FULLY AFK. I also think the rewards should be multiplied by a factor of 1.5x to compensate for such a change. I’m actually looking forward to rebuilding my twine. As someone with an engineering mindset, I love design and specifically solving challenging design problems.

Twine endurance was used by some as investment. People would hold late wave seats and ask people to pay a hefty price of 800 to 1000 traps per a seat. Absolutely insane! But I digress, you have the right to do whatever you want in private.

Final remarks

All in all, I’ve learned a lot from my time playing this game. I’ve come to terms that whenever I see someone do a damage build the right way, I should appreciate it and let the builder know.

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There are too many lost players in public and as a result, there is often way too many times one player ends up doing a major part of the building. Some players end up jailing in public because they don’t believe their team is competent

If I was to describe the jail building dilemma it would be:

We’ve dug a hole too deep now and we can’t crawl out.


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