Jail and Stall Build Adjustments

Content of the article: "Jail and Stall Build Adjustments"

Hey everyone!

There’s been a lot of discussion in regards to Jail / Stall builds and our mentioned change so we wanted to clarify a few things. As of now, we’re holding off on making this change until we can address some issues that you’ve already raised..

First off, we want to thank everyone who provided constructive feedback on the thread and we agree that we need to look into the crafting materials drop rates in Save the World. We’re aware that one of the reasons that Jail builds are so effective relates to how cost efficient they are at managing high-level Husks, especially in the late game where modifiers come into play. With that being said, we’re going to be taking a deeper look into the overall accessibility of 5-star materials at the top end of Twine Peaks. Overall, we want to make high end materials easier to obtain to coincide with the adjustments to jail / stall builds.

We also want to discuss why we’re making changes. Being able to AFK / Stall out a mission by preventing Husks from spawning is something that we need to address as it’s a bug and an unintended outcome. These build types will still be strong as we’re going to be introducing diminishing returns on crowd control effects; which means that Husks can be crowd-controlled a number of times before becoming immune to crowd-controlled effects. You’ll still be able to use these traps for their intended purpose, which is keeping those Husks at bay; but not fully completing the mission solely on those methods.

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Finally, We agree that Husk scaling at the top end can be difficult and specific modifier combinations are not fun to play against. We want to look into some of the modifiers and environment damage to make sure they aren’t over-tuned and potentially make them easier to manage. Some of these interactions, like Nurse Husks healing other Nurses for example, is something we also want to address.

We don’t have an ETA on the mentioned changes but we’ll be sure to mention them in the Homebase Status report when they are live.

Thank you again to everyone who contributed to this discussion.


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