Jail Builds – which base game constructor?

When running a defence type mission, eg Retrieve the Data, Fight the Storm, etc, the game will spawn a certain number of husks to attack the objective, and when a husk is killed, a new husk is spawned to take its place. The initial spawn will consist entirely of basic husks. Replacement husks will be of varying types, including smashers, lobbers, flingers and minibosses.

Jail builds, also known as stall builds, are a mechanism by which you attempt to trap all of the husks that initially spawn in a defence and not kill any, thereby preventing any more dangerous types of husks spawning. I'm not going to go into the how-to in this discussion, but take a look at which constructor is best to run in the lead when doing a jail build.

Looking through the perks of various constructors, I narrowed down my selection to BASE Kyle and Power BASE Knox, and will compare each of them in command with the other in support. I'm disregarding any other support heroes to keep the comparison simple.


Commander Perk: BASE increases building health by 84%

Support Perk: BASE increases building health by 28%


  • Bull Rush
  • Plasma Pulse

Power BASE Knox

Commander Perk: Structures affected by BASE are healed for 11% of Max Health every 10 seconds

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Support Perk: Structures affected by BASE are healed for 4% of Max Health every 10 seconds


  • Decoy
  • Plasma Pulse

Let's assume the wall around your objective has 1000 health. With BASE Kyle in the lead, that increases by 84%, to 1840, and will heal 4% every 10 seconds – 73.6 health every 10 seconds. With Power BASE Knox in the lead, the wall increases by 28% to 1280, and will heal 11% every 10 seconds – 140.8 health every 10 seconds. This means that if the husks in the jail are doing less than 73.6 damage to the wall every 10 seconds, either constructor will be fine. If the husks are doing between 73.6 and 140.8 damage to the wall every 10 seconds, BASE Kyle's jail will fail, but Power BASE Knox's jail will be fine. If they're doing an average of over 140.8 damage every ten seconds, your jail will fail either way.

Setting aside the raw numbers for a moment to look at the abilities of the two constructors, the purpose of a jail build is to not kill husks once the defence has started. Because of this, we should discount any damaging abilities of the two constructors, which writes off ROSIE and plasma pulse from both, and Bull Rush from BASE Kyle. ROSIE can be useful to clear the area around the objective but, especially if you're doing a PL140 4x mission on your own, you don't want to be making lots of noise and attracting a load of aggro husks! Power BASE Knox has Decoy which can be very useful if the husk pathing messes up and husks are beating on the wrong walls, you can throw down a decoy and kite them into the jail.

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To sum up, Power BASE Knox with BASE Kyle in support will heal the walls affected by the BASE almost twice as fast as BASE Kyle in command with Power BASE Knox in support, and that's how I start my jail hero load-out.

NOTE: If you are going to jail a defence, do it on a private mission, unless you have the agreement of everyone in the game before you start the build. Jailing a PL140 4x RtD can be done solo with as little as four traps and there's plenty of videos on YouTube that show you how.


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