Leaked Hero Bundle Better Mean F2P is Happening Very Soon

The leaked metal team hero bundle has created quite a bit of speculation. It looks like the type of thing BR offers from time to time. Pay for a skin and unlock additional elements by completing a set of quests (which are almost always fetch quests by the way). This is perfectly fine in a F2P game and has zero impact on gameplay.

If it is a reskin of an existing hero then that's fine and it looks like it might be Enforcer Grizzly/Jingle Jess. Therein lies the first problem. Why make a reskin of one of the few heroes that already has a reskin? There are 200+ heroes and you pick one of the handful that already has a reskin?

The second problem I have with this is the game is still not F2P. Entry cost right now for STW is a minimum of $40. On sale it's half but that's still not free. Selling this kind of thing in a F2P model is perfectly acceptable but not in game that still after nearly 3 years of beta requires paid access.

I think this might be a test to see how much interest there is in this kind of thing in STW. It's a great idea if the game is F2P but in the current state I think it will be a big flop. For those that spent hundreds or thousands on the game up to this point how many are going to support something like this when the game they paid to fund the development of is still incomplete after nearly 3 years of beta and 6 years of alpha development, appears to be completely neglected and is quickly becoming a game completely different than the one they paid for by the multi-billion dollar revenue company developing it?

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This game made tens of millions of dollars in the first few months according to Epic themselves. With 500k paid players in month one (at $40 min) that's $20M at a minimum not including the hundreds players spent on non-x-ray llamas. STW has likely generated in excess of $100M since beta release and yet it appears that almost none of that has or is being used to finish the game.

I get it they took the money and created BR, which made billions, funded the Epic store and likely Unreal Engine 5 among other things. It was a smart business decision and I do not fault them for that. However, if Epic gives one fuck about the players like they claim to they would use some of that money to finish the game that was the foundation for their billion dollar a year baby.

My fear is that if this in fact a test and it fails they will finally cancel STW or worse yet continue to string it along in early access.

(On a side note I strongly believe that they are dragging their feet with STW in EA to keep console updates coming quickly. If the game exits EA console updates will require full certification resulting in delays of new content getting added to the game quickly.)

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To sum this all up I think they are creating a lose-lose situation unless F2P happens first. If they release this bundle and it flops they will use that as proof the game doesn't deserve proper resourcing. If it actually succeeds it will prove the player base is dumb enough to give them more money even when they have failed time and time again to deliver on providing a complete and mostly bug free game.

There are only two scenarios with which this bundle will be a positive addition. Either the game goes F2P and this is available at that launch (and free to all the founders) or this is compensation to the current founders for the shit show that has ensued ever since BR took off and stole most of the resources working on STW.

TLDR: Paid cosmetic bundles are fine in a F2P game but not in a game that, after nearly a decade of development, is still a buggy, incomplete mess that barely resembles the original game.


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