Making team perks great again

I looked over all the team perks in he game and tried to make them as strong as the other dominating team perks and tired to explain my thoughts for each change/buff for the team perks, hopefully making more team perks usable can make the game feel more fresh and adding new mechanics can always help, I know some of the perk I revamp here will be harder to make than other buff at least buffing some perks can make the game more fun.And I added some new team perks at the bottom I will love to hear any suggestions and more team perks ideas if you have any.

Overcharge traps, Recycle, Blast From The past and happy holidays will not be here because they are already in a good spot


Weapon eliminations increase Weapon Damage by 13->20% Each weapon type can only apply one stack of this effect

REQUIRES One hero of each class

Over all this team perk has a lot of potential mixing ar with shotgun and smg sounds good but because you only have 3 weapon slot 39% dmg wasn't really good it needs to be at least 60%


FOR EACH: Hero of Epic or higher rarity with at least 4 stars

Eliminations during Evening or Night grant 0.24->0.4% MELEE Damage and 0.08->0.12% Life Leech, up to 40 stacks. These bonuses last until Night ends.

16% life leech and 48% weapon dmg is low especially when it only works at night time, making the perk stronger but only works with melee can give you a true hunter feeling


Freeze melee attackers for 2 second(s). Mist Monsters are slowed by 43%.

REQUIRES: 3 heroes with 3 or more stars.

There is not a reason to get get attack when the only thing you get for it is freezing one enemy late game enemies deals 30% of your health getting shield and do an aeo freeze will feel better

NEW FOR EACH hero with 3 or more starts

Melee attacks on you make a freeze explosion in a 0.25 tile radios(+0.2 for each hero).

For each freezed enemy grands 5(+5 for each matching hero) shield.

Mist monsters are slowed by 80%.


Mantis Leap allows 2 additional jump(s).

NEW while airborne gains 70% dmg redaction and 100% movement speed.

NEW landing from mantis leap make a 1 tile explosion which deals 40 energy damage

REQUIRES: 3 Ninjas



Shadow Stance regenerates 2.7->5%% Shield per second.

NEW increase movement speed by 30% while in shadow Stance.


FOR EACH: Hero of Epic or higher rarity

Increases Healing Received by 2.5% for each nearby enemy.

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I had no idea what this perk does so I made it a skill based perk that encourage you being low to do more dmg and give you the ability to heal yourself easily.

NEW FOR EACH: Hero of Epic or higher rarity

Increases Healing Received by 5% for each nearby enemy and matching hero.

NEW for each percent health missing increase dmg dealt by 0.25% (+0.20% for each matching hero) and gives 0.25 (+0.20 for each matching hero) armor.


FOR EACH: Hero with 2 or more stars

Your next Heavy Attack after using an ability costs 10% less Energy and does 10% bonus damage.

NEW Your next Ability after using a heavy attack costs 10% less Energy and does 10% bonus damage.

Encouraging to use abilities with heavy attacks mainly ninjas with swords and spears.


Eliminations have a 5% chance to uncover one of Blakebeard's stashes.

Search them to find Peg Legs, Coconuts, and Cannonball Grenades.

REQUIRES: 3->2 Pirates in support OR Pirate as a main hero

FIX chest are able to be opened while taking damage

3 pirates are to much because only 2 can work with the perk


FOR EACH: Ninja with 3 or more stars

Increases Shadow Stance Duration by 4 seconds.

NEW Shadow Stance increase armor by 5% and melee attack speed by 3%

for each matching hero.

Shadow stance for now feels like a nice bonus but nothing to worry if you don't have, this perk should make you care about getting into shadow stance.


Every 5 seconds, your next shot will fire a seeking Phase Pulse which deals 47->100 base Energy Damage,

NEW using ability refresh the buff.

REQUIRES: 2 Outlanders of Epic or higher rarity

The perk is good but needs a little buff


Decreases Duration of elemental status effects by 50%.

REQUIRES: 2 heroes with 4 or more stars

The perk felt underwhelming the only status effect that really was worth decreasing was water, making you own elemental effect will be a great addition.

FIRE weapons burn the enemies for additional 35% dmg over 3 seconds

WATER weapons make the enemies slowed for 40%

NATURE weapons chain lightning that deals 10 bonus dmg and give 2 energy for each enemy hit can occur one time each second


FOR EACH: Hero with 3 or more stars

Recover Shield equal to 0.25->0.4%% of Energy lost.

the perk is good just need a little buff.

just a small buff


Z.A.P. has your back, dealing 105->300 base Energy Damage to one-> three random enemy

every 6->5 seconds.

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NEW Mechanic Z.A.P will take 5 seconds to charge after the charge it will target an enemy and shoot it.

REQUIRES: 2 Space Explorer heroes.


FOR EACH: Hero of Epic or higher rarity with at least 4 stars

Increases Damage by 6.5% against full health enemies.

it's a bit underwhelming

FOR EACH: Hero of Epic or higher rarity with at least 4 stars

The first hit against enemy deals bonus 8% dmg for each matching hero.

with new weapons that has aoe dmg and the power of slow spikes full health enemies are hard to find making it the first shoot will overall feel same but better


With Stay Frosty active, using an ability reduces Cooldown of all abilities

by 3 seconds and ends Stay Frosty

NEW after using ability get 70% fire rate and reload speed for 7 secondes

REQUIRES: 5 heroes of Rare or higher rarity

buffing yourself after using ability could be a a new playstyle


FOR EACH: Soldier

Frag Grenade leaves an energized area dealing 12->45 base Energy Damage

per second and slow enemies for 40% for 6 Seconds. Base Radius is 0.375 tiles and increases by 40% with each match.

Once the ability dmg buff will arrive grenade build will need a small buff


B.A.S.E. blasts Steel Wool music, increasing Damage by 12->30% and Critical

Rating by 15->30 for allies within 5 tiles.

REQUIRES: 1 instead of 2 Steel Wool heroes you will probably use Steel Wool Syd

There is no reason to use this perk and not Totally Rocking Rift also the only Steel Wool support that can be in a constructor build is Steel Wool Syd


Increases Anti-Material Charge Range by 1->1.5 tile(s).

NEW hitting enemies with Anti-Material Charge slow them for 80% for 5 seconds

REQUIRES: 2 Outlanders

Making Farming more viable in normal missions by providing crowd control


Kinetic Overload occurs an additional time.

NEW the first time Kinetic Overload occurs it pulls all the enemies in 1 tile radius

REQUIRES: 3 Constructors with 3 or more stars

With Blast From The Past And Totally Rockin Rift the perk became useless, providing additional crowd control can make this perk usable


Throwing Stars return to you, dealing their damage again on the way


NEW upon returning hitting the stars with a heavy attack sends them back to the husks

REQUIRES: 2 Ninjas of Legendary or higher rarity


FOR EACH: Outlander of Epic or higher rarity

Phase Shift has 1 additional charge(s) and Range is decreased by 0.2


NEW for each enemy passed throw reduce all abilities cooldown by 2 seconds

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The perk don't have a place with all the new team perks making it better in ability build can be good


Rockin' Riff also increases Crit Rating by 160 (decaying over 8 seconds),

and Heals 73.75 base health.

REQUIRES: 2 Totally Rad heroes

REMOVE no longer works with abilities.

Having a perk that is the best for weapons and most of the abilities is bad for the game, abilities weren’t able to crit before the before and having the ability to crit with ability is to strong and make a big reliance on luck.


50% chance to conjure an extra Phantasm every time you conjure one. In

addition, Phantasms have 33% Life Leech.

REQUIRES: 2->1 Fortnitemare heroes.

You must have a Fortnitemare hero as main and there are not 3 heroes that can match and be good together.


while being inside a smoke bomb gain SHADOW STANCE and 25% movement speed and armor.

additionally while being inside smoke bomb get 5 energy every second

additionally reduce Smoke Bomb cooldown by 3 seconds for each second staying inside Smoke Bomb.

REQUIRES: 5 ninjas of Rare or higher rarity


killing with Crescent kick reset its cooldown

additionally increase Crescent kick damage by 150%

REQUIRES: 3 ninjas of Rare or higher rarity


Increase headshot damage by 100% and headshot illuminations causes an explosion for 50% of your weapon headshot damage in your weapon element for 1.5 tiles radius

REQUIRES: 3 heroes of Rare or higher rarity


illuminating 50 husks without reloading grands 10% fire rate and re-fills the magazine

can stack up to six times the buff is removed after switching weapons or reloading

REQUIRES: 4 heroes of Epic or higher rarity


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