MSK progress

Hey, so a little background – i have been playing since March 2020.

Aiming at first to get out of Stonewood and into Plankerton, then the other zones/SSD and onto endurances as well as maxing out my PL, trying to match survivors with the groups.

None of my friends play StW but i used to play end game World of Warcraft for a number of years so i know what it takes to get a big boss down.

I am currently PL 127 and decided to start looking MSK. This meant completing Twine SSD 10 so ended up solo'ing that using AFK endurance builds and eventually opened up the MSK quest.

Using I started to look at the mechanics of the encounter as well as ideal loadouts etc.

Over the last 9 months i have collected a load of heros/weapons so came up with something that worked for me with what i have. Next up was perking up and evolving so i was ready, this took a while as i had blown a load of resources on improving my PL.

This is me, loadout 9 is for MSK.

Its one thing knowing the encounter but the first few runs i didnt really know what i was doing as there is a lot going on.

After getting more used to the encounter, i started to realise that it was sometimes the storm i was getting stuck in and understanding why i was ending up dead. I think that the learning curve was steeper with randoms as sometimes it wasnt me messing up/not knowing what they were doing and the confidence in what i am doing takes a hit.

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I have done a load of random runs and so far the best i have done is completing the first horn stage.

It feels like i am struggling in a couple of places.

1) I do struggle to get the hits on the crystals, either its on the wrong side to me or i just cant hit it in time. I find it much harder on Xbox than pc.

2) It doesnt seem like i am doing much dmg to either the crystals or mini bosses. I wonder if this part of the random group problem where they dont know they need to go down and its just me hitting it.

I am using the Bundlebuss so wonder if i would be better to upgrade/perk and use the Metal Marauder with a slight change to the loadout.

How did you find starting out with MSK, what did you find difficult at first?

What have you experienced with random groups?

In the meantime i will be looking for an organised group so I will have a better idea how much i need to improve.



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