My open letter to the developers of Save the World

I'll try to keep this as short as possible.

We have overcome the four biomes, the cold and endless Frostnite, The Storm King, Ned's quest for all the medkits that remain in the world – but at the end of June we lost the only fight that matters. The fight to keep the game we love alive so we can watch it blossom into what we all know it could be, only with a little care. And, uh, money. I suppose that's the problem, isn't it?

The characters I have come to know in Save the World may as well be real to me, because even if the event quests were repetitive I always looked forward to the stories and shenanigans and it always affected me in a real way and inspired me. Sometimes it choked me up, the most recent event specifically because of the parallels. Never did I dream that the thought of never hearing what Dennis is up to again would upset me so much. That's what this whole game is about, survival, adapting, challenges and sticking together. That's what kept me playing this game through everything.

You didn't create a community of commanders, you created a community of heroes and I hope you were amazed by the creativity and endurance that players showed. I hope you saw how much we loved this game and believed in it. I hope you don't feel like your time was wasted, because I don't feel that way as a player, I only grieve because it has been cut short. Far, far too short.

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It's becoming harder to find other players in public matches but I hope I can find a way to play until the very end. I feel a dark cloud hang over me when I do play because I know the end is coming and I wish I could stop it somehow. I feel like I'm trying to stop a tidal wave with a paper cup because I know the powers that be have the final word, and they have spoken. No amount of begging or bought skins (debatable, but I mean there's no amount of skins I can buy as just one person) can change it.

So much for keeping it short but I wanted to say it and I want to thank the developers who I doubt would give up on the game given the choice. Thank you so much. It's not "just a game" to me. It's been my home(base) for over a year now and nothing will ever fill the gap it leaves when the servers are shut down. Thank you, and I hope you all keep fighting the good fight, whatever that means to you and wherever it should lead you in life.


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