My Point of View Regarding the “Hero Bundle”

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So, with the new "possible" hero bundle emerging in the near future….this is a great topic to start some discussions about.

As someone who pre-ordered the game and has completed almost every bit of content and owns at least 1 of every hero / schematic etc…I have a very particular opinion regarding this potential bundle.

The bundle is expected to include a reskin of Enforcer Grizzly / Jingle Jess, a reskin of the Typewriter, a mini-questline, 1,000 VB, 500 X-Ray Tickets and a Skin to match the hero.

The first bit of redundancy I instantly see is the Hero x BR skin. Why include a reskin of a hero when one could easily research the hero and slap the BR skin onto it using the STW Locker System?

The next issue I see is more of a personal one. Why should we award Epic's behavior regarding lack of communication, empty promises, leading us on blindly and well…everything else? I am all for support STW. But it is VERY hard to stomach paying money for something for a game that has not shown much of any interest in improving themselves. This bundle really shows Epic's focus; Money.

Moving on to the next point; Schematic. Epic really feeds on the playerbase's crave for exclusivity which originated from BR. Again…reskins are okay as it isn't locking staples for builds behind pay walls on an already pay to play game. This schematic is going to likely play a huge part in the huge community of the game; the traders. The weapon trading community really does not need to be fed this type of stuff. It only worsens the already growing community. I still feel that Epic needs to take an action 100% one way or another regarding the trade issue. The best approach in my opinion is accepting the community and establishing an out-of-mission trading interface.

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I'm happy they are trying something new…but I don't think this is the right approach to take.

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