My Review of Season 13 of Fortnite: Save the World

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Seeing as Season 13 for us is wrapping up soon, I thought I'd give my personal thoughts about what's been added/changed this season just give an overall review of it. It may be a bit long so I'll put a TL;DR at the end. This is all my opinion, feel free to discuss it with me and others :). Just to be clear, I'll be starting from June 30th, since the actual 13.00 patch wasn't really a leap forward for Save the World.

While I won't be talking about bugs or anything in this, I do want to mention how degraded STW got with 13.00. The dialogue bug, horrendous frame drops, broken storm king, infinite damage, etc, etc. Thankfully most of the issues are resolved now but it's still crazy to think that the game was so messed up at that time.

June 30th is when we got the 𝔠𝔲𝔯𝔰𝔢𝔡 State of Development Update. Since lots of discussions already occurred on this topic, I'll keep my thoughts brief. It is more or less a nail in the coffin for STW, but this does not mean it won't still be supported and/or fun. I'm sure there is still lots to come for STW in the future.

The 13.20 patch also arrived on the 30th and it was pretty good overall! I felt like it got overshadowed due to that State of Dev Update. It gave us the pirate biome along with the Yarrr's Return questline and I thoroughly enjoyed both. The questline was especially good, as they usually are. Aside from that we got Hit the Road returning, the Metal Team Leader pack, some dino hero's up for grabs, the rest of the flag bearer heroes, and the Rad Llama returning. HTR continues to be one of the most lacklustre modes STW has to offer. It's more or less a glorified deliver the bomb mission with a few fun annoying stops along the way. The modifiers didn't really make me want to play the mode any more than what I would've originally. If the modifiers were done like those of Frostnites, it could've been better. Besides just running the mission once, there isn't much reason to run the mission more than once except for the tickets. Speaking of which, the Rad Llamas was great to see for players like me who weren't around during the summer of last year. Some really good heroes and weapons in there! The rest of the heroes were cool to see too. Not to forget, the Art Deco set was introduced! Some great heroes in there as well as some very powerful weapons. Still upset with how they released the llama for bucks though. Rating: 8/10

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The 13.30 patch may be one of the most exciting we've seen in a while! We finally got our deep dive into the Ventures mode which looked really promising! Superchargers? Weapon Recruitment Vouchers? Core Re-Perk? This sounds great! (Don't worry, we'll get to that in a minute.) Ventures would also bring with it another new questline which let us play as the ghost boss himself. Besides that, we got a new dino along with old ones other hero's coming back, as well as Birthday Brigade Penny! Besides Ventures, this was an alright patch. Rating: 6.5/10

Onto my thoughts on Ventures… I hate it. Why? Well, there are multiple things I really dislike about it. The progression starts to slow around the 15's and it feels like you progress at a snail's pace, it's just a new game plus (which isn't inherently bad, but it is not executed well), you can't even craft your own weapons, the rewards are very scarce, and survivor weapon superchargers kinda feel worthless. These last three may be my biggest gripes with the mode. What's the point of amassing a huge arsenal of weapons if you aren't going to let me use them for this endgame content? It's not like there's any use for main missions at this point except for v buck missions. I don't see any reason for this restriction other than to gimp our progression and artificially increase difficulty since we don't have our tailor-made weapons. This goes hand in hand with why I feel that certain superchargers are worthless. For an endgame player, there's no need for survivor superchargers since you'll mostly be playing ventures (since it boasts better rewards) where survivors don't matter. There's also no need for weapon superchargers since you can't craft your damn weapons! It's really frustrating. About the rewards, Magyst has already said that these are being looked into so hopefully we won't have to grind for 4 years just to hit that max pl or only be able to recruit one hero or weapon each season. Currently, in Ventures, I am level 21 and do not see myself progressing any further. One positive thing about this is the modifier. Yeah, I actually enjoy the Rage Modifier! It's allowed me to experiment with different builds I never thought I'd be using which turn out to be really effective. One I was maining is Diecast with happy holidays and spitfire in support. Deals so much damage with barely any downtime since you have to shoot to get your energy back anyways.Rating: 2/10

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The Homebase Status Report of August 5th 2020 gave us the efficiency improvements with levelling up items and opening llamas, along with Dennis. JR, Redline Ramirez, Parasaur Jess, the Deciblaster, and the Surround Pound being available. Thank god for the efficiency improvements. It's so much faster to level up what you'd like to and open up what you want to and I'm very thankful for that. All of the items that came back are pretty good too, especially Dennis. JR! Overall this patch was solid. Rating: 7/10

The Homebase Status Report of August 18th, 2020 gave us an end date for Ventures, Sledgehammer, Thora and the Hot Mix all returned and gave us the Metal Team Leader loading screen! This was a mediocre patch. Rating: 6/10

And that concludes my thoughts on this season! Overall it wasn't the worst but definitely not the best. Some great stuff in there like the Art Deco set and Scurvy Shoals, but some awful things too like HTR and Ventures. I can't wait to see what's in store for next season!

TL;DR: 13.00 was hella buggy, 13.20 was c̸̢̆ǔ̵ͅr̴͇̈́̿ş̷̅͆è̸͚̟d̶͚͗͘ but still pretty good with Scurvy Shoals questline, Art Deco set. HTR is still awful. 13.30 brought Ventures which stunk but everything else was okay. The next two patches were alright but the efficiency improvements were a godsend. Overall season rating: 6/10.


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