My review of Ventures Season 2 after getting to level 50.

Content of the article: "My review of Ventures Season 2 after getting to level 50."

Before I start, I would like to clarify that, yes I did this in a week, yes I had a group. All you have to do is farm the highest level x2 missions, and you will get xp so so so fast.

The Good

  • The biomes. The Hex biomes aren't something that are always in the game 24/7, so being able to replay the game again through all of the Hex maps, gave me a chance to explore how detailed they are. This will be the same next season with the high chance of it being all the holiday maps.
  • The rewards. The rewards for this venture season are so SO SO much better than last. You get enough chargers to get to pl133 (if you got the ones from last season), you get enough chargers to max out a hero, and a weapon. But based on some leaked info, superchargers won't be such a pain in the ass to get anymore.
  • The Modifier, it felt like a good balance of annoying but bearable. Yeah they did a lot of damage, but they also dropped extremely high healing consumables.
  • The Medieval weapons. Being able to get a x2 movement speed guardians will is so nice. The Hemlock remains to be a king of SMGs, the Yeomen hits harder than ever, it's just all so good.
  • The Fortnitemares weapons. Candycorn LMG hits as hard as ever, Spectral Blade is as good as it will always be, Ghost Pistol is the ghost pistol, It's just all super nice.
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The Bad

  • The new xp needed for 50 being 1mil more than last season. This made the grind even longer than last season, I literally have no idea why they would do this.
  • The Black Metal weapons, the reduce health perk is the reason most people don't use the Black Metal weapons. It got to the point where I just avoided using them.
  • The lack of the Rat Rod weapons. The OG Halloween set, where are they? I know the Black Metal replaced them, but it would've been nice to have them.
  • Only 3 Core-Reperk. I understand they want us to open more llamas to try to get better 6th perks, but I feel like the Core-Reperk should've been given out more, it's not something as crazy as a supercharger.

All in all, I think this season was so SO much better than last. And I hope next seasons will be just as good, if not better. I genuinely had a lot of fun experiencing the Hex maps in all their detail, especially The Swamps.


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