My suggestions for an Arena rework to benefit all skill levels (many examples given)

Content of the article: "My suggestions for an Arena rework to benefit all skill levels (many examples given)"

As a lot of people are aware, Arena is totally broken

You get 4,000 hype Div 7 players like myself against bugha himself. Contenders always played with Champs but not to this extent.

so how can we fix it? scroll below the image and I'll tell you.

* chuckles * I'm in danger !

The main issues (in descending importance)

A. Competitive should be primarily for comp players / The playerbase isn't binary

You can have the best system in the world, however if people are playing for the 'wrong' reasons it defeats the purpose.

The Arena playerbase has increased vastly. This is not down to more people wanting to do well in cash cups/FNCS etc .. , it is because a high % want an escape from Mythics, non-moving zones, forced fortnitemares

When Arena was introduced in season 8 there was no reason for a 'casual' to play because it was the same as the core mode (including siphon) & it was hard to get to champs (if you weren't sitting in a baller)

The player base is big enough that you can have 1. Core modes 2. Unranked* 3. Arena

(no mythics, moving zones, siphon, no SBMM)*

yes there will be less people playing Arena BUT THAT'S the point. Quality needs to be raised

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For example

I can dominate below 4,000 point lobbies, I was kill leader and I won the game with 8 elims but that says nothing because the skill level is so low

then 4,000 points + everyone hard W keys you are left with 3 man half/half

This is what unranked should look like, not comp.

I should also stress, being good at W-keying Arena & having high hype ≠ being good at comp

20k hype with Tetris Veteran piece control but place 8,000th in FNCS once they get into high ELO lobbies

He is not unique either, check who places 8,000th-10,000th in cash cups for EU/NAE, full of div 8/9/10 players with higher K/D who are in a for a rude awakening that they aren't as good as they think are.

B. Do not mix lower divisions / allow deranking

I just got a 10 second queue at 8pm EU @ 4200 points, there doesn't need to be that short queues.

& no shock, the kill leader was a div 10 player with 14 elims with 0 earnings/placement.

I appreciate there aren't many concurrent players at Div 10 , let Div 8-10 play together regardless of how long it takes. (I appreciate it's harder for OCE/NAW but on NAE/EU no reason not to force it)

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Contender/Champs should never mix in EU/NAE. If people want to make alts/smurfs how is that any different to the current Div 10s dropping 20 bombs against contenders ?

OCE gets duos turned off at 10pm, there could be an Arena cut-off for all regions

C. Allow 80 man lobbies

I know this done in C2S1 (when I got 15 minute queues at 5,500 points) and it should be a regular thing.

As stated earlier – W keying isn't where people need to improve most. People want to everything except play the game (50 people simulator, non stop creative, only dropping Stark)

80 people is fine if 30% of the lobby doesn't go stark.

D. Raise Minimum account level to at least 50 from 15. Level 15 was harder to get pre-season 2 when XP wasn't given out like candy. Now you can get level 15 from 1 team rumble game.

No genuine real new player is going to handle Arena at level 15 anyway so why is the bar so low.

There are other things they could add, but it would need a bigger rework (weekly decay/seeding matches) but I feel the above is enough to steer Arena to better practice for real tournaments

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