My take on how Nickmercs, Sypherpk, and Nate Hill can place high in FNCS this season

I'm going to start this post out by saying all 3 of these players are better than I'll ever be and anything bad I say about them is just an honest opinion of their gameplay.

To begin with, I'm going to go over each of their biggest weaknesses and how to fix them.

Nickmercs: We all know Nick is the king of sneaky movement and using right hand peaks to catch other players off guard. That being said, I think we all know that Nick struggles on the building front and also he tends to get lost and fall behind in endgame situations. I think the solution to this would be to grind creative, zone wars, realistic, etc. to improve his builds and endgame awareness, but we all know Nick won't do that so I think a more feasible solution would be to stick on PK and Nate like glue during the endgames and focus hard on not getting split up as that's how him, Coop, and Sypher died several times during last FNCS.

Sypherpk: I think Syphers biggest issue is when he gets an idea of something he wants to do in his mind, he won't stop until he gets it done. While this is sometimes beneficial, it is also a liability many times. Examples of this are when he tries to do certain tricks or exploits that just take to much setup and only work about half the time like gas canning a team or special bouncer plays. The solution to this would be Sypher having to let go of these tricks that he likes to do so much and just focus on the basics which he is very good at and getting better every day.

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Nate Hill: I watch Nate the least out of these three, so forgive me if I my opinions are wrong or not exactly on point. From what I have seen Nate excels at ar and sniper/bow aim, but his shotgun aim leaves a slight bit to be desired. He seems to play a lot of pubs, but not really a ton of arena/competitive. I think Nate needs to start grinding arena with Nick and PK when they get on fort at the end of the day so he can return to his previous form when him and Funkbomb were a real duo to be reckoned with.

To finish this off, I'm going to describe the best way I think they can play together and off of each other's strengths to get the most out of everyone.

I think early game wherever they decide to drop, they need to prioritize getting a shotgun in Nick's hands as arguably the best part of his game is his early game fights. Moving on, they need to have a clear igl and I think that role fits Sypher best. He is one of the most knowledgeable players in the game and will keep them on track. That being said, this means that Nick and Nate NEED to listen to Sypher and keep up. In last FNCS, Nick would often go his own way slightly and wouldn't stick with his trio, that can't happen if they want to do well. Finally, late game Nick should supply Sypher and Nate with all the mats they need and let them do the tunneling as they are clearly better builders than Nick. I think this trio is being very underrated right now and people are really counting them out, but with hard work and solid game planning I can see them making it to finals and placing well above people's expectations.

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Thank you for your time


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