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Hello r/FortniteCompetitive,

Traditionally, we have had a rule in place that no bug posts are allowed on the subreddit. This was to prevent people from cluttering the subreddit with the same complaint about the same bug to no benefit. However, in practice, we have sometimes made an exception to this rule because we feel it is reasonable to point out bugs in the game and it can assist epic games in noticing and fixing bugs.

Therefore, we have decided to clarify our rule, such that bug posts are allowed as long as they fit a certain set of criteria which we have implemented in order to ensure that your bug post would be able to help the subreddit.

The rule in the wiki will go from:

2b. Game Suggestions and Bugs:

Game suggestions should be posted in the main subreddit /r/FortNiteBR. In-depth game suggestions that haven't been said before and are backed up by objective data/evidence will be allowed at a moderator's discretion. This includes, but is not limited to:Posts concerning in-game bugs (please report these in-game)Non-Competitive suggestions (ie. Ammo spawn rate, reduce this weapon please. Post these over at /r/FortniteBR while abiding to their rules as well)

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2b. Bugs:

We do allow bug posts on the subreddit as long as the post satisfies the following rules:

  • The post must be flaired 'bug'
  • The bug you post must be a new bug which has not been posted to the subreddit before. You can also check whether a bug is known by looking on the Fortnite trello board
  • The post must contain a video of the bug occuring, preferably an in-game recording as supposed to replay mode.
  • You must have reported the bug in-game prior to making the post
  • The post must include your 32 digit Epic ID in the title (NOT your in game name). This webpage explains how to find your epic ID.

NB: This rule will be implemented far more clearly into the structure of our overhauled rules, which are coming soon.

Each of these rules has been implemented to ensure that all bug posts which we do approve can be for the greater good and potentially be of assistance to Epic games in fixing bugs in the game.


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