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Before I say anything I want to make sure nobody gets offended by this I just want to say that sorry if you do but I hate that the new save the world players only ask for guns and if it isn't guns in game they ask how do I get vbucks on reddit like really you just started and one thing that makes me so furious is when people ask to be carried to a new biome its okay to ask for help but nobody should be carrying you many people including myself have spent so much time to get where we are now in the game and the new players want to get to plankerton and canny without even understanding the game. Im not throwing hate but can you new players just play the game and if you don't like the game go back to battle Royale. Another thing is 130 Weapons aren't useful if you aren't a higher power level. Like stop asking for 130 weapons if you are in stonewood. Like I like that there are new players but a lot them only play for vbucks and they like scamming. I literally love the new players who actually want to play the game like intended but I hate the stonewood players that ask to trade for sunbeam and malachite the other day this kid was asking to trade for malachite and he was power level 6. I asked him what are his intentions with the malachite and he said he just wants to have it. I brought him to canny Valley and I said he has to look for malachite and he was getting mad at me because I wasn't helping him look. I told him I was doing a favor even letting him be in canny and he was mad. Then the other day this power level 8 told me he is power level 73 and I asked can you upgrade my wall to level 3 and he said he can't because he didn't do the mission. That mission was in Stonewood. Then I said pull out his hoverboard and he said that his game is glitches and won't let him pull out the hoverboard. He then wanted to scam me i literally looked at the achievements on Xbox and it said he started on June 6th and I asked when he had started and he said he got save the world 2 years ago and then I told him I saw the achievements and he left the game and the Party. Why do stonewood players want to scam. I want to help the stonewood players but people like this make me not want to help. Sorry if this offended you and thank you for reading this all if you did.

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