NO To the Combat Shotgun

The combat shotgun, based on the Benelli M4 taran tactical, was introduced to Fortnite in season 9 after epic vaulted the pump. The combat had extraordinary range not seen since the days of the heavy shotgun, a high fire rate, and good damage. The gun had no real reward for accuracy however as it only had a 1.5x headshot multiplier to stop it being OP.

Personally, I do not want the combat to return. It is an overpowered gun that failed in what it tried to achieve. Its initial goal was to shake up the meta as many 1 in every 4 elims was from a pump and epic thought it was a good idea to change things up. It failed as it outclassed the tac in almost every single way. A higher fire rate, higher damage, better range, and a needle-tight spread lead to the combat outclassing the tac rendering a once staple of Fortnite obsolete.

Some of you may notice that I did make a post about the changes that it could undergo if it was (God forbid) ever unvaulted due to the number of comments on my post "the God meta" asking Combat shotgun pls. That post was to explore the idea for the purposes of discussion.

To conclude, the combat shotgun, whilst fun and enjoyable the weapon does not belong in competitive Fortnite due to its spamminess, overpowered range, and large magazine. If you want fast-paced shotgun fights, use the tac. If you want something with good range and damage with a decent magazine of 6-7, then the word you are looking for is heavy. We are better off with the heavy shotgun.


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