Now that jails are getting adjusted, this husks can use some adjustment as well

Content of the article: "Now that jails are getting adjusted, this husks can use some adjustment as well"

Hello commanders,

Now that Jail building is going to be adjusted in future, this husks should get an adjustmen as well.

Healers: are already confirmed because it is indeed ridiculous how they heal themselves and other nurses. They should only heal husks.

Next one should be the Propanes huskies, they can still damage your B.A.S.E. through tier 3 mats + the obejective like Deliver the bomb for example. This shouldn't happen in the first place, I mean a wall is ment to protect, right?

Then, not everyone might agree, but Riot Huskies. Their shield/fridge door should break after the amount of damage it took, like it being able to never break is a bit annoying. I know you can use potshot or xenon bow but sometimes people doesn't always has this and wants to try a different loadout. Shooting through that hole can be hard and if you're using certain melee loadouts, you can't hit them through that hole. Only on their back if they don't turn around like the speed of light.

Lobbers their spawnrate should be reduced in missions and especially the ones who throws the skulls, like for example the second wave of Ride the lightening in higher zones can be a pain and they can just destroy everything in a matter of time as it literally rains skulls. Keep that spawn in SSDs but in normal mission should be reduced.

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For people who are in plankerton have been struggeling for finding a Mimic. Their spawn rate is way to low for players in plankerton that they are stuck on th quest "What's in the box." Increase the spawn rate atleast to 50% and not like 10% so players can progress in their storyline.

Beehive husks their bee contrail should disappear when are killed as it stay there way to long and in pl132-160 drains you health very fast which is at times very annoying. Same for the Lobbers who throws beehives.

Then everyones favorite the Zappers! Their aimbot is getting really obnoxious in higher zones especially if they are with more then 3 + fire element and as they aimbot, you're pretty much dead in like 3-4 shots. Same for the Blasters, like what is the point they never miss? This is ridicolous as zappers and blaters are always togethere and lasers you without missing. Look at the other mode, those Ai's aren't always aimbotting either so their aimbot should be reduced.

Last but not least are Patrols. I understand there needs husks to be killed as it is the point of the game but do patrols really need to spawn every 30 seconds when trying to build a base? It's first of all time wasting + if they walk in your tunnel they are wasting durablity on your traps even though the big fight still needs to start. A good adjustment would be either increase the timer of when they will spawn like around a min30 or even 2min or just bring back patrol wards.

This is what I wanted to share and get of my chest as well. A lot of husks are pretty unbalanced and they need a adjustment.

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What are your opinions on this?

Thank you for reading, Commanders!


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