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Hey everyone!

I wanted to a get a little discussion going about the current state of the Fortnite Competitive Viewing experience.

Lately I've been thinking about the viewing experience of the In-Game Client vs. Viewing Parties and how we can improve.

Right now it seems like stream watch parties hosted by recognized Streamers/Pro Players (Emad, Ron, Chap, Ops, etc.) are leading drive in tournament viewership over the official broadcasts powered by the Spectating Client. There are a number of reasons that this may be but I wanted to know which you personally prefer. The Official Broadcast or Viewing Parties? Why?

Clearly the official Fortnite Spectating Client has it's issues. Lag spikes, delays, freezing, etc. make it difficult for viewers to stay invested. I'd think that improving the client would be a huge plus for Comp, however it doesn't seem like much has changed over the last year (Correct me if I'm wrong please). This leads me to believe that Viewing Parties of player streams are how Fortnite Comp will continue to be represented.

This doesn't mean though that viewing parties have their own issues.

Depending on competitors to stream the event is troublesome for a few reasons. There's never a guarantee that players will be streaming the event and you have players that end their stream midway through playing. Quality of streams doesn't stay consistent and manually going through streams to figure out which player is doing something worth watching is time consuming. While these streams are by far the most popular for viewing comp, there are definitely improvements that can be made to the experience.

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In esports we don't follow teams like traditional sports, we focus more on the players and their story/brand. However it's difficult for us to build these qualities when we aren't able to get a good view on players during tournaments. I'd love to see a way for comp to grow and believe that a better viewing experience is just one of the things that will pave the way.

TLDR: What is your preferred way to watch Fortnite Tournaments and why? What do you look for most in a viewing experience? How do you think we can improve this experience?


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