Open Letter to the Fortnite Community Managers

Content of the article: "Open Letter to the Fortnite Community Managers"

Dear Community Managers of r/FORTnITE,

It has felt like you people are the only people outside of the community that care about the state of Fortnite: Save the World. In the past, you have answered questions, taken note of feedback / bugs and shared a laugh with some of our members, which has been great, but recently it feels as though this behaviour has came to a halt, not dislike the Save the World updates.

First of all, it feels as though the majority of bug reports are not seen. I can understand issues flying under the radar when people only post about them in discussion or humour posts, but I've seen genuine game breaking or at least glaring bugs go unnoticed for months now. Even when these are picked up (usually acknowledged by a comment), they are rarely put onto the Trello, meaning that we do not know if the bug is being worked on or not. Cosmetic bugs always seem to be picked up on, which is not inherently a problem, but they should not be prioritised over stuff like Endurance crashes and husks attacking through walls. If you need help finding and catching these bugs, then please tell us that since we want them ironed out as much as you do (just ask u/TheGhostBossMaterial).

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Secondly, there is not any transparency or communication between Epic and the Fortnite community anymore. This is not just a problem with r/FORTnITE; r/FortniteBR and r/FortniteCreative have both gone a long time without an AMA. The community would really appreciate transparency such as:

  • AMAs with developers.
  • Roadmaps about future content / promised content (eg: Weapon wraps, StW cosmetic shop.)
  • Requests for future returning modes (eg: Survive the Night, Challenge the Horde.)
  • More detailed patch notes at the end of Homebase Status Reports.

Minor stuff like this would go a long way to improving the general attitude of the community as well as reeling in new players.

Finally, feel free to encourage the more goofy and creative side of this sub. If someone posts a clip of them getting outdone by a level 3 slinger, or if someone shows off their cool StW cosmetic idea, comment on it; You do not only have to respond to bugs. Let the community know that you are just as interested as we are so we can make the sub a more interesting and fun place.

In conclusion, if you guys could be a little bit more active and more involved in the community, it would improve the state of the sub drastically and could even encourage more people to try Save the World.

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Thank you.


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