Ranking every FNCS winner NAE.

Content of the article: "Ranking every FNCS winner NAE."

My opinion, in descending order. Based on how good they are now and at the time they won FNCS (again my opinion based on how iIremember).

14.) Aimbot noob. would have been last regardless of cheating or not. career graph looking like the negative square of x

13.) NRG Ronaldo. just to re-iterate he is a very good player and has managed to be consistent when he really shouldn't of been considering he hasn't ever had a long term team-mate. However he hasn't done much since squads, not that he needs to with his viewership.

12.) Deyy. won a week of solos FNCS before teaming up with Reverse and Mero, his trio along with bugha, Avery, Jamper (uncon stark) were by far the most consistent and it wasn't all that much of a surprise that they won. hasn't placed well since. In a glass cannon trio with Clix and river.

11.) G2 Coop. Won 3 tournaments in a row including solo FNCS and Dreamhack. But it's a black swan when you look at what he has done before and after. Didn't make trio FNCS finals after choking the 2nd day of heats. Only slightly above Deyy because of Dreamhack.

10.) Furious. like Coop won a FNCS and a Dreamhack in solos. Gets passed around like a blunt in trios finding different teammates every other event, won FNCS warmup then got shafted by Riversan, But ahead of Coop because he made FNCS trios finals.

9.) Reverse2k. Reverse has been playing competitive since day 1 but has never really been a standard name at the top of leaderboards and always struggle to find teammates playing with half-arsed pros like ninja and Symfuhny and still placing top 10 in FNCS grands. However he had a dreadful CH2 S2 and has placed woefully in solo grand finals. but credit must be given for "unwashing" himself and then winning a FNCS, everybody loves a good underdog story.

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8.) NRG Unknownarmy1x Ok I really should be putting this guy higher considering he was the best player in the world in CH2 S1, but he hasn't done much since legacy was removed, and hasn't performed since the linear nerf after a stint on KBM. This is probably the most controversial pick

7.) XTRA Mero mero above unknown? However Mero has been on a tear this last season placing in the money in almost every event, and won the last Dreamhack. Easily the best controller player in the world and maybe the best player with Tayson? only at 7th because this is only his 3rd season competing properly compared to the players above him.

6.) C9 Avery. places in everything. seems to rub most people the wrong way but cannot fault his in game skill. Placed 3rd in trios FNCS (with Stark) and won a duos week with Hazthegreat, what a goat.

5.) TSM MAckwood1x. Mackwood has been around the top since winning 4/6 code red games with Hogman. since then he has qualified and won a game at the duos world cup, Won a FNCS and placed 2nd in another. However he had a poor turn of form since then, But was definitely the strongest member of his trio that placed 7th in trios FNCS. Back at the top Rn with a trio I fancy to win a FNCS this year.

4.) BBG Yung Calculator. qualified for worlds with Mackwood and soon establoshed himself as a controversial figure in the scene, However as the only 6/6 FNCS qualifier on this list and the best average placement of anybody who 6/6 qualled he is a top tier player. won the latest dreamhack. Also nearly won squads FNCS with the performance of a lifetime pacing 2nd.

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3.) TSM Zexrow. Nothing better to witness than a Zexrow, pop-off, 3rd twitchcon, 3rd ESl (1st day 1 then got landed on), qualified for worlds with tendonitis on the last day possible with 30 kills solo, 9th worldcup (won a game) and the strongest link when they he won SX FNCS. like Mackwood had a lull period but placed well in 3 solo Dreamhacks, 7th in trios FNCS before going to valorant.

1.) Zayt and Saf. Just the best.



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