Reason why save the world kept me from commiting suicide

Content of the article: "Reason why save the world kept me from commiting suicide"

When I originally bought save the world I was 18 just got out of highschool and had a girlfriend I love PVE games including cod zombies Minecraft and so on during the time I bought save the world I wanted it for vbucks and as I continue to play I get intrigued by the game it was an escape from my mom's abusive ex boyfriend and my mentally abusive dad. When I started play save the world I was attacked and bullied for being new to the game and not knowing what to do eventually I get past stone wood and to plankerton. Being able to craft a siege breaker and a storm blade I was getting better I play half way through plankerton until I met my friend buckey through discord. We stated to hang out daily in game and do missions so I can get 130 crafts unlocked so it isn't a hassle to do later in Total took me 8hours from plankerton 3 ssd- twine10 SSD. But every time I get off or during a mission my dad would simultaneously yell at me saying that I should die never be born so on. I really got depressed and thought about suicide each time I know I have metal issues but my dad won't understand that he wants everything his way. I eventually get to point I play br and stw half and half and people would make fun of me for not talking cause I was very upset at the time even now as its still continuing. I'm don't have a job I had to break up with my ex cause mental issues took over me and I'm here in a bad state waiting for my mom to get a house so I can escape this place I'm in video games are all I have to escape suicide and I thank Epic and The save the world community for it all, if I never met my friend buckey who I've talked to about this stuff I would of been gone months ago but now I'm in canny valley page 16 at power 86 still trying to get this game complete so I can help others by sharing my story I won't go into detail of what other stuff my dad did to me but its not a life I wish on anyone.

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