Reign Of The Ice King – Frostnite Questline Concept

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Quest 1


Objective: Find The Ice King.

Opening Dialogue: RaY: Commander, sorry to bother you with this, but The Ice King is being weird and everyone is afraid of him. Can you find him please?

When interacting with The Ice King:

The Ice King: Rise my warriors! Rise and claim back what was once ours! RaY: What are you doing? The Ice King: The clouds of death have been here longer than they are welcomed. RaY: You mean The Storm? The Ice King: My army is awakening from their slumber. RaY: I didn't know you have an army! The Ice King: RISE MY WARRIORS! WAKE FROM YOUR SLUMBER AND CHASE THE CLOUDS FAR FROM OUR LAND! ???: Your sword, my majesty.

Closing Dialogue: RaY: The Storm is getting rough! You need to get out of there!

Quest 2

Arrows and Clouds

Objective: Complete a Fight The Storm mission.

Opening Dialogue:

The Ice King: Take offensive! RaY: What are you doing? The Ice King: My army has risen to chase the clouds! RaY: The "clouds" are up there! You're down here! The Ice King: My bowmen are pushing back the clouds! RaY: Commander, The Ice King is leading his army to doom! We need to do something!

Closing Dialogue: The Ice King: We had it under control! RaY: You were using arrows against a cloud! If we hadn't intervened your army would be done for!

Quest 3

Shut up!

Objective: Collect 7 nedkits.

Opening Dialogue: RaY: Commander, The Ice King's army didn't suffer any casualties, but some of them got hurt by the arrows that turns away from mic FELL BACK TO THE GROUND! The Ice King(from a distance): SHUT UP! RaY: Anyways, please get some nedkits so that we can help them get back up.

Closing Dialogue: The Ice King: Anyone, that dares to use the help of Homebase, will be striked down by MY wrath!

Reward: Ice Soldier Outfit

Quest 4

Left Behind

Objective: Rescue 5 survivors

Opening Dialogue: Ice Soldier: H- Hello? Homebase? RaY: Hello and thank you for calling Homebase, I'm RaY, how may I help you? Ice Soldier: Me and a few squadmates got left behind, and we don't know where to go! Could you help us please? RaY: Sure thing, just stay in line so we can track your location!

Closing Dialogue: Ice Soldier: Thank you! We tried contacting The Ice King, but he was so busy fighting The Storm, that he didn't care. RaY: What? You're from the Ice Legion? You know that we shouldn't help you!

Quest 5


Objective: Infiltrate The Ice Legion

Opening Dialogue: RaY: We can't let The Ice King kill his soldiers because of this! Luckily, one of the survivors we saved lend us their outfit, so we could get into the Ice Legion and save as much people as possible!

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Quest 6

Prepare For War

Objective: Open 50 ammo boxes

Opening Dialogue: RaY: Commander, The Ice King was serious about sending a message of war. Just recently, his troops raided one of our storages. We need to get more resources instead of the ones they stole!

Closing Dialogue: RaY: I guess that's a start.

Quest 7

Dont Forget

Objective: Complete 2 Fight The Storm missions.

Opening Dialogue: Clip: Heya Commander. I've made some adjustments to the ATLASes. I think you'll like them.

Closing Dialogue: Clip: So, what do you think?

Quest 8

Peace Among Worlds

Objective: Negotiate with The Ice King

Opening Dialogue: RaY: We need to focus on The Storm! Neither of us stand a chance against it alone! The Ice King: I'd rather die fighting than team up with you! Lars: Listen! This isn't you man! You let The Storm corrupt you! The Storm King is who you want. Not us. The Ice King: The Storm King?

Closing Dialogue: Lars: The ruler of The Storm. He's basically immortal. Whenever we kill him, a new one pops up in a week. The Ice King: Of course. Immortals can only die by the hands of Immortals.

Quest 9

All Hail The Ruler Of The Storm

Objective: Defeat The Storm King(custom mission, same as the regular Storm King but with a powerlevel close to the player's)

Opening Dialogue: The Ice King: Show me what you mean by this "Storm King" Lars: Well, we've actually gotten quite good at killing it. We could do it if you want to? The Ice King: You shall do that.

Closing Dialogue: The Ice King: Truly magnificent… Another immortal… Lars: What was that? The Ice King: I am an immortal. Just like The Earth, The Fire, The Wind, and The Ruler of Lightning, the Son of Odin. The God of Lightning. Lars: Thor? But isn't he just a fictional character? RaY(from the other side of the room): And also part of the norse mythology!

Quest 10

The End Father

Objective: Collect 5 Books

Opening Dialogue: The Ice King: Thor was given a prophecy. He would become the end of all and everything. He spent thousands of years, doing everything in his power to stop the prophecy. Lars: And? The Ice King: Oh I'm sorry. Did I interrupt your story? Now, as I was saying: After failing in his quest, he came to us, the Four Kings, masters of the elements, to aid him in his quest. We told Thor about a being we knew, a guardian that can bend reality. The Fire King disagreed. He said it could end the universe. But Thor had already left.

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Ending Dialogue: The Ice King: The Fire King was determined to stop Thor. Creating Humanoid Dragons to stop him. Lars: Hybrid… The Ice King: I had to freeze him deep within my castle.

Quest 11

The End Father 2

Objective: Collect 7 more books

Opening Dialogue: The Ice King: We hadn't heard from Thor for Thousand of years. We considered him lost in space.

Closing Dialogue: The Ice King: Then a few hundred years ago, a new threat arose. The threat called itself The Storm King. We didn't take it seriously, it had no army, and was unable to travel. If we had intervened, we would not be where we are right now. RaY: Hey, Commander, I've been collecting mythology books, and none of them say a word about all this! I don't think The Ice King is fully sane.

Quest 12

The End Father 3

Objective: Collect 3 MORE books.

Opening Dialogue: The Ice King: Then The Storm King had killed my bretherin. Only I remain, and the Fire King, still frozen with his beasts, deep within my castle.

Closing Dialogue: The Ice King: I wanted to kill The Storm King, but it was gaining power too fast. I had unfrozen The Fire King to help me stop it. He ran off, and returned years later with a beast called "The Cattus". RaY: Yup, he's delusional.

Quest 13

Gear up!

Objective: Complete a "Refuel Homebase" mission.

Opening Dialogue: Lars: Commander! The Storm King's back! And he's heading right for us! RaY: What?! How did this happen? Intercom! Initiate Storm Shield 2.0! Intercom: Error 385. Not enough BluGlo.

Closing Dialogue: Intercom: Storm Shield 2.0 succesfully launched. Lars: What is that? RaY: It's something I made in case of this happening. A much more stronger version of the Storm Shield. Capable of protecting us from a Storm 3 times stronger than what we witnessed with the device!

Quest 14

Ready For War!

Objective: Find The Infinity Blade.

Opening Dialogue: The Ice King: Your shield cannot protect you! The Storm King has gotten too strong! Find My Sword! It can help me protect you!

Closing Dialogue: RaY: Is this what you wanted? The Ice King: Yes… My sword… It has been too long. Now! Fire up a teleporter!

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Quest 15

Immortal Versus Immortal

Objective: Defeat The Mythic Storm King (This Storm King has 1.5x higher power level than the player, and is a custom mission identical to the Mythic Storm King)

Opening Dialogue: The Ice King: Stand back! This is my fight! RaY: You can't kill him alone! The Ice King: Neither can you. The Ice King leaps towards one of it's crystals, revealing Thor inside the heart of The Storm King The Ice King: Thor… No… RaY: Oh noo… The Ice King: Thor! This isn't you! You have to fight this… Thing! The Storm King: This is me! The Being you led me to has helped me unlock (echoed) MY FULL POTENTIAL!

Closing Dialogue: The Ice King: I'm sorry I have to do this, old friend! You leave me no choice! RaY: What are you doing? The Ice King: With The Power Given To Me by my passed bretherin, I invoke The Black Winter, the end of all to strike down upon you! The Storm King: chuckles My child… The Black Winter is nothing comoared to me. FOR I AM THE END FATHER! The Storm King strikes a lightning at The Ice King, who is slowly burning into ash by it's power The Ice King: You leave me no choice. The Ice King leaps towards The Storm King, stabbing it in the heart and killing it.

RaY: Commander, I've made a battle simulation, in case if, you know. If he failed…


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