Removing AFK builds?!? These post are starting to higly annoy me!

Content of the article: "Removing AFK builds?!? These post are starting to higly annoy me!"

Although I fully and 100% agree on what OP's stated in the linked post … you should not AFK or jailbuild in Public matches!!

The problem that I have with these posts is those players have no clue what they're asking. You have to be carefull what you wish for!! I see Magyst took the time to reply to this thread agreeing we OP!

u/Magyst Yes, if you want to completely break your game even more. Remove AFK builds.

If you think I'm gonna play a PL160 4x atlas with healing and exploding deathburst, wall weakening, metal corrosion and nurses with RANDOMS you lost your mind! The fact that this game is unplayable with randoms is not our fault. That's on your part (Epic). A lot of Twine players haven't got a clue how to play the game and are not willing to.

Even when it is a fight build. Only one 'or maybe two' are building the defense and the other players are leeching or messing up the mission. Since PL160 missions came out I haven't played one of those games on public and I ain't planning to do that. How you guys approach and developped this game it is just for 90% unplayable in public missions. This game is the best game ever created and it is a shame that you don't put any more effort in it to keep it valuable.

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Again tho I fully 100% agree with OP that people shouldn't AFK in public missions … but the day I can't use an AFK build in a solo mission or in a mission with friends I am completely done with this game!!!

The same thing for endurances … if you make this totally non-AFK and you expect me to play Twine endurance with a party of randoms I uninstall this game even before my PC can boot up!


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