Research – A beginner’s guide

Research has a small but noticeable effect on power level, and power level 131 is only possible if all FORT stats are maxed out to 600.

There are four different FORT stats:

  • Fortitude – increases maximum health and health regeneration rate
  • Offense – increases weapon damage, both melee and ranged
  • Resistance – increases maximum shield and shield regeneration rate
  • Tech – increase trap and ability damage, (ability damage includes, but is not limited to, Outlander TEDDY, ninja dragonslash, constructor ROSIE, soldier shockwave)

Research is gained passively over time, and it doesn't matter whether you're logged on or not. There is an upper cap, the Points Limit, to how much research can be stored, and any unused research generated after this cap is lost until there is capacity to store more. The Point Limit is 96 times the hourly research rate.

As the account level (Lv on the top right of the homebase screens) increases, the storage capacity and research rate both increase. The highest research rate is 350 per hour.

Each of the four stats has 10 slots per set, the first nine of which increase the stat by one and the tenth by a larger amount. The cost to research each slot for a stat increases when the tenth is researched, up to a maximum of 4200 per slot. This means that, once the maximum rate and maximum cost have been reached, it takes 12 hours to research a single slot (4200/350).

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I suggest researching each stat equally, in sets of 10. Research the first stat for 10 slots until the cost increases, then move on to the next. Continue this way so that the cost to increase a stat doesn't exceed 12 hours of research. When all four stats have had 10 slots of research, return to the first and continue around.

Survivor squads also impact your stats, and as you are likely to be moving your survivors around as you get new ones, it makes little different which stat you prioritise in your research. Ultimately, they will all get to level 600, so don't worry about focusing on one stat over another.

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