Reviewing a pro #1 – Bucke

Hi guys, so this is my first analyze of a pro based on vod reviewing them and watch their playstyle on events. To start this "series" i choose NRG Bucke.

To analyze Bucke first we need to identify what's he's role on team modes. Bucke is a hybrid of Fragger and Supporter (co-main fragger as he says lmao). This hybrid type of player isn't the type that will tarp all the time but instead its the guy who will create opportunities for his team to get refresh/kills while helping the igl tarping sometimes. You can see this by watching him dropping or boxing his opponents helping the fragger. Also usually he focus on surge early/mid game being the main source of solving this problem to his team.

To exemplify a player that has a similar playstyle we could pick Zexrow as a example (i know he retired but he is the best example to compare with Bucke). Although they are different in some ways they share a lot of similarities. Both of them played as a duo before Vinny and i guess this help them to develop a similar style of role in game (they even shared the exactly same sens). Zexrow and Bucke both are responsible to get surge early/mid game. On end games this would change to Zexrow helping Calc (Bucke helping Peterbot, Khanada or Clix) to frag and helping Mackwood (and Kreo when he plays with Bucke) to tarp sometimes. The main difference would be in how they help.

Bucke already played with Mackwood and Calc when they dropped Zexrow. But they drop him and pick Zex back basically because "Bucke was not good in creating opportunities" (their words not mine on Calc/Zex stream). As we already know thats not true. Bucke is awesome in creating opportunities. The reason (unless its personal) i guess is probably Bucke is very different from Zexrow in how he does that. Zexrow was a high or nothing player. That was a really good synergy with Calc and most likely one of the reason why they won a FNCS. Only Zayt was a danger to their strategy and high was really strong before low become meta with Cented team/Xset Shark team. Zex would finish kills while Mack and Calc sprayed everyone on high.

Bucke instead is not the high or nothing player. He is a mid ground player.

(Wtf are you saying right now? There is no mid ground players!!!!!)

Except there is. A mid ground player is a player that is not focusing on high or low all the time and most of time will be changing layers to get a advantage to their team. That was a really great mix with Khanada. Bucke is really good at piece control. And thats get a lot of advantage on controlling both low and creating a opportunity to get high sometimes. Of course, its really hard to play like that as you can be focused when on second high or having to be in a congested layer but Bucke really knows how to change that to his advantage. When he started to trio with Khanada and Kreo (or Mackwood) thats when he showed his mastery on mid and changing layers. I hope to see more of his performance with Peterbot and Mackwood. Although he had a hard time fighting with Bully last season now that he's on Craggy i can see he performing well again.

What can i learn from vod reviewing Bucke?

How to get surge, piece control, adapting to your team necessities and changing layers.

some of Bucke best placements =

5x cash cup winner

1st Frosty Frenzy Session 1 – NA-East

2nd Frosty Frenzy Session 2 – NA-East

4x 2nd place on cash cups

3rd Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter 2 Season 5 Grand Finals – NA East

3rd FaZe Clan Elite Cup

3rd 1% Cup

3rd Aqua & Nyhrox Throwback Cup – NA-East

Bucke stream a lot and its not that hard to vod reviewing him, so i highly recommend to try to learn something from him.

DPI : 400 dpi

Sens: 12 x-y 50% ads

Edit on release: Off

Total Prize Money Earned:

$165,151.39 From 35 Tournaments

(Btw sorry about any grammar mistakes. English is not my first language).


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