Riot Shields concept (reworked)

Time taken: 4 days and 8 hours.

Last time, I limit it to Task Force heroes in this post. Now, I have modified a lot of aspects about it. Including several balance changes


The Mysterious people are once again infiltrating the Imagined Order. Stealing experimental boxes this time while rifting into the ghost towns. But what they found inside have proved to be experimental shields. They try to test it but they explode once they try it. As they're disappointed, they got compromised. So they burred them in one of the catacombs in ghost town to hide their traces. Slone and her soldiers returned back to continue working on the cube wars.

Ray detected mysterious "metal" objects in one of the catacombs when she sent some outlanders to farm some materials. They found those riot shields and brought them to homebase. Ray modified them and they're now Vindertech based shields with different functions.

What are the riot shields?

Riot shields, my friends, are your FBI OPEN UP type of attacking husks with it. I'll be explaining the features, but they also have their own limitations. They are:

  • Each riot shield will have it's own specialty, so you cannot bring another weapon class to it for example.

  • Equipping a shield will slow your movement speed by 20%

  • Each Riot Shield will have their power level requirements. Crafting and equipping included.

  • The Riot Shields cannot be dropped. But they will have a slot in the collection book. Added under "Crowd control schematics" slot in event schematics. (As a measurement of grinding in the game rather than rushing and carrying)

  • To obtain the Riot Shields, players must complete story quests. Each will be in a specific story quest.

  • Limited to Pistols, Assault Rifles, shotguns, and SMGs. And due to balance. Snipers, Bows, crossbows, LMGs, and rocket launchers will not be equipped once you equip a shield.

  • Aiming is removed, but the recoil will be reduced by half.

  • Bashing with the shield takes 1.5% of the recoil.

  • Shields are locked to obsidian when leveling up to Tier 4. Similar to rocket launchers

What about the features?

Riot shields will be having unique animation when equipping weapons, and also will have some benefits:

  • You can holster the shield on your back. But it will hide your backbling. Speed penalty still applies.

  • Aiming is replaced by "bash" button. Bashing causes damage to husks depending on the type of shield.

  • If you are running a melee weapon, your attack speed will be increased by 20%.

  • Shields will have more durability than any schematic in the game due to balance (total durability: 800)

  • While sprinting, you can run like bull rush. If you hit a single husk with it. Your next bash hit will deal double damage. doesn't stop smashers rushing and doesn't target multiple husks.

  • Bashing damage can be made Energy, but no elemental.

  • Your front is protected by 90% damage protection in a 90 degrees, but your back is vulnerable.

  • Can be boosted by Paleo Luna and ED-EE ONLY

  • Bashing speed will be the same attack speed as goin constructor. But can be increased with "bash attack speed" perks.

What are the schematics?

Sure, I'll go on. But it's highly experimental so your feedback is really recommended.

  • Crusader (Legendary, Requires being PL 40)

1-This shield can allow Shotguns, SMGs and Pistols to be carried with it. No other ranged weapon subclass or melee weapons are allowed.

2-This shield has more damage and attack range than the other shields.

3-6th perk: Eliminating a husk with this shield or the ranged weapon will increase the bashing damage by 25% and the ranged weapon crit rating by 15.

4-Unlocked by completing "What's in the box" quest in Plankerton

  • Buster (Legendary, Requires being PL 64)

1-This shield will allow Assault Rifles to be carried with the shield. No other ranged weapon subclass or melee weapons are allowed

2-This shield has more crit rating and crit damage than the other shields

3-6th perk: Hitting a husk with this shield will increase the fire rate of assault rifles by 5%. Can stack up to 10 times.

4-Unlocked by completing "In Through the Out Rift" quest in Canny Valley

  • Striker (Legendary, Requires being PL 88)

1-This shield can allow Swords, Axes, Scythes and Spears to be carried with this shield. No ranged weapons or other melee weapon subclasses are allowed

2-Has a faster attack speed than the other shields

3-6th perk: Eliminating an enemy with a melee weapon or the shield will increase the attack speed of the shield and the melee weapon by 3%. Stacks 5 times

4-Unlocked by completing "20,000 Leagues" in Canny Valley

  • Crusher (Legendary, Requires being PL 122)

1-This shield can allow Hammers and Clubs to be carried with this shield. No ranged weapons or other melee weapon subclass are allowed

2-This shield has higher impact than the other shields

3-6th perk: Eliminating an enemy with a melee weapon or the shield will increase the impact of the shield and the melee weapon by 3%. Stacks 5 times

4-Unlocked by completing "You ain't seeing nothing yet" placeholder quest in Twine Peaks

That's all folks, Feedback is important to me.


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