Season 6 Chapter 2, My opinion with some facts.

First of all i’m going to be sort of debunking some players opinions, but if anything I say is flawed please correct me.

1, Too much new stuff, Causes confusion

———————————————————————————— Lots of players seem to be frustrated by the amount of new stuff in the game, For the competitive scene its simply just going to take a while to get used to, But for new players it can be a bit un-welcoming and overwhelming so maybe epic should find some way to make it less essential to do all this new stuff. ———————————————————————————-

2, The lack of first shot accuracy with the primal weapons.

———————————————————————————- This one is more damaging for the competitive scene, Less first shot accuracy means more bloom, meaning more RNG, meaning less skill based. Which is damaging for the competitive scene because a decently sized portion of the weapons can be frustrating to use. This is also a huge issue because of storm surges. ————————————————————————————

3, The primal shotgun.

———————————————————————————— I feel as if this one is rather simple, the primal shotgun is overpowered, and I totally think epic is gonna nerf it very quickly, but if they didn’t it would be a issue because having a weapon that is that overpowered, means that lots of fights are dependent on if you have the primal shotgun or not, especially at fights off spawn its currently way too RNG based. ————————————————————————————

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4, Lack of mobility.

———————————————————————————— Lots of Fortnite players are upset with the removal of some main mobility and rotation options, Bouncers and sand tunneling being the main options. While they did add chickens they really aren’t that great. Bouncers I feel like should definitely be re-added because they can be used very improperly and cause you to die, But also be used really smartly, you have to know when to use them which makes them not OP. ————————————————————————————

5, Spawn fights are super RNG based.

———————————————————————————— Currently with the bigger loot pool adding some worse and some better weapons, I can land at a house and get one makeshift shotgun while the person in the house next to me gets a primal shotgun, and there is nothing I can really do about it. which in competitive RNG is a HUGE fundamental to win right now. ———————————————————————————— Even though this list was more based on the negatives, there are positive things about this season. if I missed anything super important or you just want to leave your opinion please tell me.


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