Solo Tactic: Choose the Right Class For Each Mission

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As a new player who jumped into Save the World when it was brought out of Early Access last summer, I've progressed much through the Stonewood quests as a solo player. After facing a devastating setback in which I failed a Storm Shield Defense round for the first time when I was just one kill away from clearing it, and ended up running out of critical resources, I then stepped away, took some time to think over how to recoup my losses and then realized that class really, really matters, especially for solo players. I then tried out an Outlander for the first time (the Metal Team Leader dressed as Agent Skye) on missions that demanded lots of movement (Rescue the Survivors and Eliminate and Collect) and was able to recover the building materials I exhausted in my vain, failed effort to pass the SSD round and then some. (The outlander also showed me where the big llamas that scream as they are hit and dispense lots of resources in

came from, on a humorous note.) Then, I was even able to recover more ammo and resources, then build better weapons. I also realized that Constructors can build stronger fortifications, upgrading built structures by spending additional building material, and deduced that they excel in defense missions like Storm Shield Defense, Retrieve the Data and Ride the Lightning. So I got a stronger, legendary Constructor – Gold Knox, and used him for my second go at the SSD. But shortly before that, I was not confident about whether I had enough resources for another go, and did not want to waste ammo, so I did one last Eliminate and Collect with a Ninja who excelled at melee combat and did not need ammunition, taking the time to find more ammo and resources. The second try was a success and the Husks couldn't deal a single scratch to critical structures.

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So, in short, class matters for solo players. In short, use the following classes for the following purposes:

  • Soldier: Use in missions where you have a lot of ammunition and nothing at stake to defend. Just make sure you don't use too much ammo.
  • Constructor: Use in defense missions where something is at stake and you need to defend it at all costs with as much walls and traps you can build.
  • Outlander: Use in high mobility missions, in which you have a chance to find critical resources that can prepare you for defense missions ideal for Constructors.
  • Ninja: Use in high mobility missions, if you want to save ammunition.


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