Stop changing the xp system

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The xp system has been changed for 4 seasons straight, and its stupid

Chapter 2 season 1: Week 1 was awful. 2k xp per punchcard, 4k for 2 big punchcards, 14k for challenges, and terrible xp gain from things like looting chests and eliminating enemies. But after week 1 the xp was amazing. 8k (16k for the ones at the end) per punchcard, 52k per challenge, other things like daily challenges and xp coins, and good in game xp gain.

Chapter 2 season 2: Nowhere near enough xp. Everything got nerfed, from punchcards to challenges to xp coins, and even in game xp gain. The level goal this season was 350, a ridiculous task for any casual player. The challenges gave 40k each and there were 10 per week, which was a step down but still fine. Punchcards giving 5k/10k instead of 8k/16k was not great. There just overall was not enough xp, especially since the only other challenges they added was location domination, some of the grindiest challenges ever.

Chapter 2 season 3: The way xp works got completely revamped this season. Instead of medal punchcards, we got quick challenges. We got a seperate punchcard system. Challenges got nerfed (again). Daily challenges got removed and in game xp rate stayed the same. Quick challenges were amazing. 14k xp for each quick challenge a day would guarentee a tier, and 1.4k for a normal quick challenge was good as well. The punchcards were grindy, and each stamp on the punchcard gave 14k. Weekly challenges no longer had 10 challenges with 40k each, it was now 7 challenges with 35k xp each. But this nerf didn't matter, as the only goal for this season was 160, which wasn't that hard at all and very doable

Read:  This has to get attention. The game's editing system has been broken for months but every time i've tried contacting epic about it i either get the same automated/redundant response that helps in no way or i get ignored through the in game report feature.

Chapter 2 season 4: Now here we are. This season is pretty bad for xp. Quick challenges nerfed, weekly challenges nerfed (for the 3rd time lul) and punchcards BUFFED by 1k. It doesn't make much of a difference. Quick challenges were nerfed to 10k for the 5 daily ones and 1k for the normal ones. Weekly challenges still only have 7 challenges in and they're all worth only 25k xp. As said, punchcards were buffed by 1k, but that really doesn't make up for how much xp got taken away. Now, this would be fine if the goal was level 160 or something, but no. The goal is 220. So we have even less xp to get to a higher level.

In conclusion, the fact that epic have nerfed xp pretty much every season is stupid. Fortnite isn't meant to be a full time job. We shouldn't have to grind until level 220 for extra styles. I want what I paid for. I don't want to miss out on a style just because I didn't play enough.


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