The argument that younger players have an advantage is bs

Content of the article: "The argument that younger players have an advantage is bs"

I was watching unknowns cc highlights and i heard someone in his cord saying how younger players have way more of an advantage than older players because of their reaction time. Ive heard this argument countless times from everyone around the community, pros like bhuga, 72 and clix, to casuals and the ppl i meet here on the reddit.

I'm not a sports scientist but at its core esports are minute muscle memory reaction-based mind games. Fortnite, while titulary technical and highspeed doesn't clock in the most inputs per second even when doing straight box fights. 2 games clock in at the highest avg input per second chart; 1 game being starcraft obviously, and the other is super smash bros melee. I linked a misc. melee video of one of the all time greats and still active player to this day, c9 mango. i mean this with total endearment to the goat himself when i say that guy is literally a middle aged alcoholic father.

The video doesn't really do melee justice either, its just current. There are SO FUCKING MANY inputs this man is doing that you can't even tell (l caneling; di drifting; wavedashing; jump canceling) and he executes faster than most new young pros today. He's even playing the best new young melee pro Zain in the video.

Mango and all pros talk about and agree, that there are no actual handicaps in video games; His reaction time in the limited windows that sometimes last 1 frame in the midst of his competition is proof of that fact. Melee and i think all pros in this cord as well can agree that the only thing that really matters is the amount of time you put in the game. Mango has 20 years in the game.

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TLDR: if u complain about young people having faster reaction time than u and having a natural advantage you're just bad and haven't put enough time in.

BTW: all these pros for fn all being 16 isn't a sign that 16 year olds are just better than you, its a sign that this game came out and marketed towards kids and in its 2 years of being a comp community history and the nature of br's the only ppl who were going to excel were the ones putting the most hrs in its early history which were mostly kids who had time to grind after school.

But watch; all these pros leaving the community for valorant or the ones who get burnt out- the ppl who keep grinding and keep getting their hours in- even those who've played 10+ seasons without eveer making it to champs or being active in this subreddit- it's those guys that will be the alcoholic middle age father goats that this community deserves and will probably remember forever


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