The Chap/Av/Edgey vs. Clix/Bizzle drama: a short summary

I responded to someone asking to give him a rundown about this "drama" with a pretty long explanation so I thought I'll make a seperate post so everyone who want to know about it can see it.

Just so you know, it's not that special or important, it's not that deep. We all know Chap can be a lil emotional from time to time, same with Bizzle and Clix. Chap doesn't like lil Fortnite kids, those kids don't respect Chap because his mechanics aren't that good. Bla bla bla it is what it is.

So about the current drama:

Two days ago Clix/Bizzle team killed Chap 3 times in scrims. First one was completely normal, he got naded and shot out of the air while grappling. 2nd was kinda weird for a scrim. Chaps team just finished their long off spawn fight when Clix team gets an airdrop next to Authority. They snipe at Chap, Chap shoots back for some storme surge. All normal till Clix decided to launch on Authority roof wanting to fight while zone is far away en almost starting to close in. They said they were getting hold, but thats just not true, they couldve easily rotated to zone with their boats. 3rd one was probably the weirdest one with Clix/Bizzle dropping out of a helicopter on Chaps head while they were chasing nuts team from off spawn. Zone was again really far away. Chap felt griefed and thought they were streamsniping (apparently he knew they did that to Tfues team before) and wanted payback but talked with Bizzle later that night so they had some kind of truce.

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That truce was broken when Clix/Bizzle/Ronaldo wkeyed Chap/Av/Edgey in Salty while they were chasing Nuts team again. Chap tried disengaging the fight because there was specifically said in discord to not fight midgame. Bizzle/Clix/Ron wanted to fight (probably didnt realise other team didnt wanna fight) and they killed them. Chaps team got mad, ended the stream to grief them. Next game Clix spam rocketed Authority with his boat for 5 minutes straight for no reason. Chap, AV, Edgey responded by getting 3 boats, streamsnipe them and grief them late game by spam rocketing them back resulting in Clix team to die. Bizzle stopped playing, Clix was mad mad (tbh, after 5 minutes he thought he kinda deserved the grief) and Ron was just sad because he got caught in the crossfire.

Here you go, the typical Fortnite scrim drama!


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