The Clout Mafia: Analysis why the Bugha/Stretch/Paper agreement is extremely harmful to competitive.

Content of the article: "The Clout Mafia: Analysis why the Bugha/Stretch/Paper agreement is extremely harmful to competitive."

Basically we have two very different situations with regards to Pros announcing their POI:

1) Pros announcing they are landing at a particular POI (Been around since the start of the game, not a huge deal competitively)

2) Pros announcing they have "split up" an entire POI with 2 other top Pros who are all fully aware of this agreement . (Not harmless competitively, and borderline collusion as I'll explain)

In the first situation, a confident player could still reasonably contest the Pro who "announced" their spot. They just know they will have one top Pro they will need to take out. These fights happened reasonably often and were fun for viewers.

In the second situation, any player (no matter how skilled) knows that contesting the "split" POI would be essentially suicide.

With three Pros splitting a POI on twitter, there is now certain knowledge for any person who would contest that:

  • There will be three top Pros in very close vicinity, all with uncontested loot
  • All three pros will instantly know that there is an "intruder" if any fighting breaks out.
  • All three pros also have a natural interest in "punishing" the intruder who broke their agreement to keep the peace for future matches, by summarily killing the intruder even if they happen to win their 1v1. *Instead of just one Pro trashing them on social media, they will now have at least three, more than enough to start a mob. "Why would you even land there if you knew you had no chance against us three, you dirty griefer?" Mafia tactics essentially.
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Basically, nobody in their right mind would ever want to contest in the second situation.

This gives a massively higher advantage for the three pros that made their 3-way agreement (and it is an agreement, there is no way Bugha/Stretch/Paper randomly split up Misty perfectly). It also encourages everyone else with clout in the lobby to create their own drop-spot mafia agreements all across the map, while those without enough clout to recruit two other Pros to get a warning out there will have to accept having a massive disadvantage.

This is obviously extremely unhealthy for competitive, and in my opinion Epic would do well to clamp down on players announcing their specific drop spots. Obviously it would be impossible and unnecessary to root out informal knowledge like those based on landing patterns in scrims, and those making private agreements (which is already disallowed under the rules). Taking twitter announcements off the table would at least lessen the effectiveness of using clout as a bully tactic, which would be a good thing for the whole scene.


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