The Day where my Account got Ripped and EpicGames helped him

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I would like to talk about a more current topic I logged into my EpicGames Account and wanted to play Fortnite as i always to with my homies after i tried logging in i got an error that i can't login so i was wondering if i type in the wrong password done a password reset after hours waiting i didn't recive any mail which was suspicious for me now i tried to create a Account with the same mail to check if something happend and exactly as my thought i were able to create it which was for me obvious then that i got hacked now after that i contacted EpicGames that my name got changed to "myipisondarkkweb" or something like this and then i told them and they kept instantly saying they couldn't verify Ownership without any questions so then i kept contacting different support with different language as i speak 2 languages there i seen something is wrong they told me:

Quote Support: "I have now taken a closer look at your account and found that an error has occurred here.

Based on the information you provided, we were unable to confirm that you are the legitimate owner of the account.

For this reason, I can not help you here."

**NOTE** I have not provided any Information or anything just that my mail got changed

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after i said them ah i see you said "found that an error has occurred here." and they said So maybe I should briefly explain to you exactly what mistake I meant here: Actually, my colleague's email address shouldn't have been changed to (

**This is completly wrong as i wanted to change my own Account mail to my other mail as i didn't use it anymore and they even send me an Verification Email to proof that i am the owner**

I have Attached here some Proofs that i mailed epic and done my best but they keep declining that this is my Account and they obvious helped a hacker to hack my Account

This is german so you may can't read this but its a proof aswell which can be put in Google Translate


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