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In recent times, the hero and weapon developer seem to have experiment with a lot of new mechanic in the game: freezing, dancing, lightning ricochet, etcetera. I'm here for bring a new one on the menu:


This mechanic can be implemented in the game in different ways, so let us discuss first on how this thing works:

Like all magnet, this mechanic have two poles, positive (+) and negative (-). This poles are two status that can affected husks and mist monster as well as weapons and heroes. When they are under once of this effects, husks have a little red (+) or blue (-) over there head and glowing ring of the same colors at there feet. (Colors and graphics effects decision are up to the developer).
The effects by itself have no consequences. The fun starts when this effects interact with each other.
For example:

  • If a enemy affected with one poles are hit with a gun affected with the same poles, the damage is reduced slightly and the recoil is increased but, in exchange, the impact and knock back are much stronger.
  • On the other hand, if you shoot with a gun with a opposite poles, the weapon have less recoil and your faster bullet do more damage, but the impact is not reduced and the knock back is Inverted. So you kill faster but the enemy are pushed towards you instead of away from you.

That can allow the player to do decide when to do the killing and when to do the crowd controlling!
Make for a more complicated but flexible play style.

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This mechanic have a big variety of potential because have a lot of ways to be implemented depending of the ways we decided to apply the effects to the source of damage and the the receiver of the damage.
For example,

  • We can decide to make a magnet weapon set that have some unique last perk. Two perk make your weapon have (+) or (-) damage and other two perk affect the enemy hit marking it with the (+) or (-) for several second. This way you have to swap weapons for marking the enemy and for making them suffer. Or you can have one teammate or defenders marking the enemy for you while you decide if killing it or sending it back with different weapon.
  • One other method is having a set of (+) hero and one of (-) hero and having them ability to apply the (+) or (-) effects on the enemy while you have a team perk that makes all your weapon have a (+) or (-) effects. Imagine make all the enemy inside your smoke bomb marked (+) and then hitting them with a (-) Spectral Sword. You have no weapon restrictions and all your weapon can be used for that.
  • You can also develop 2 new traps, called "Anode" and "Cathode", that mark the enemy with one of the effects. They can be developed in multiple ways, for be placed on the wall (good solution) and mark the enemys that pass in the 2 tiles in front of the trap, for be place on the floor (lazy solution) and mark the enemys that walk on it, or can be the first traps that can be placed on a arch or half arch (cleaver and original solution) that create a intangible force field that affect everything that walk through him. All this version apply the effects for several second. Alternatively or in conjunction, we can have a trap called "Induction field": it looks identify at the old patrol ward trap (nostalgic) and work like a BASE and affected every 4 structure connected tho that floor. Construction affected by the trap are just more bluish or reddish depending of the pole of the trap. Enemy that are on affected floor are marked with the same poles as long that they stay on that floors. Seme "Induction field" don't stack on each other and opposite poles "Induction field" they cancel each other comune Construction (careful with placement).
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ALL this solution above can be matched, combined and expanded for balancing and vary the set and effects. You can add all kinds of different spin at the main idea.
– Imagine a Plasma Pulse from a (+) Constructor with plasma mine that are attracted by (-) marked enemy and repulsed by (+) marked enemy.
– Imagine a (-) Ninja with smoke bomb that's make (-) marked enemy walk around it and not throw it.
– Imagine (+) Solder that make your Dam Buster group up (-) husk marked by your previous grande while make (+) Smasher marked by your teammate go flying.

The possibility for both inventive developer and creative player can be basically limitless!

Just be mindful to not use it anywhere near Rey, si vous comprenez ce que je veux dire?


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