The only Reason im still passionate about this game

Content of the article: "The only Reason im still passionate about this game"

(Leave why you still care about this game in the comments below if you have a reason) So Im back ive seen i forgot to explain my last post here the guy did have alot of air and tire traps we both realize this but were hoping we'd get lucky but alas we got kicked out (the wave we was on didnt have many tire or air traps but we still crashed) otherwise heres my newer post

to be fairly honest i feel like im getting too old for this game (Not literally im not even legal to buy a 17+ game yet but still) so ever since i became power level 129 i just felt empty feeling no passion to complete certain LTM challenges for some decent banners and just been helping people either get on their feet on this game or just helping someone do a challenge for whatever or as far as to sit with them in endurance for 2+ hours for a crappy not guaranteed mythic troll stash llama and a banner and nowadays i help or just blatantly carry people in ventures or just do random ssd help (which is rare since no many puts storm shield assist on anymore since many just leave before or midway through) i only do this because i enjoy seeing or in this case hearing the happiness in their voices when we pass and many are confused why i basically help for free and not charge a fee even though i do need said materials i say "why should one always have to pay a fee for help help isnt a job its your willingness to endure a challenge out of a good nature"

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but in the end this may all be temporary until the fateful day this game is offically canceled by epic or i may turn to the dark side if the save the world community someday

tldr: im passionate about helping people on this game because why not (for free) and if epic dosent give us old but gold content soon i may quit for good or become the swore thing i hate about this games community


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