The pump will never be unvaulted without being nerfed to hell

Stating this as fact wasn’t the intent, but rather ensure we continue pushing back to prevent it from happening.

Epic could be slow rolling us down a path of rendering edits and peek shots completely useless- a meta that promotes a very weak counter to defense.

1) introducing the slow fire-upon-release charge and nerfing tacs to the ground was step #1.

2) step 2? Let’s take a look at the newly leaked shotty…oh what do you know? 1 full second pullout delay, ridiculous reload time, can’t even 1 shot someone? Of fucking course.

Epic wants to close the skill gap by destroying peek shot / edit / wall replacing mechanics, to the point that getting a shot off on (or eliminating) someone who builds defensively/boxes up becomes a very difficult task, also promoting low skilled spray and pray. This is awful for competitive.

They’re nerfing the very core mechanics this game was built upon, and though some are saying this is just a summertime change for the influx of casuals, I have the dreaded feeling it might stay this way. Sure they’ve vaulted the pump in prior summers, but in place introduced other viable boxfighting shotguns (fire-upon-press / minimal delay). It feels different this time. If this “new meta” becomes permanent, itll be almost as damaging to the core mechanics as the time they tried adding turbo-building delay, except they’re trying to ease us into it.

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We won the fight vs. turbobuild delay, but we must ask ourselves- is epic subtly trying to nerf competitive skill-based mechanics again, right in front of our eyes? Should we be more concerned about the long term trend at play here?

How would you feel if the pump never makes it back into the game, or comes back nerfed to the ground? Would you be okay with that?


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