THEORY Why Clips Nightmare, Kevin the Cube, and the other mode’s Fortnitemares are all linked..

Content of the article: "THEORY Why Clips Nightmare, Kevin the Cube, and the other mode’s Fortnitemares are all linked.."

So it's gonna sound crazy but I'll tell you why it not.

Firstly: The link between Clip's Nightmare and Fortnitemares in the other mode.

In the end of Clip's Nightmare, when the Commander places candles around the map to dispell the ghosts and the curse, Lok admits that we had actually created a portal from the other side into the Fortnite world. We'd accidentally made a summoning circle. Lok and Lars agreed they would keep this a secret from the rest of homebase, and at the end, Lok admits it to Ray and homebase, they don't see it as much of a problem. Then a few days later, when we come back to the new update in BR, Midas, who was once dead, is back–in ghost form. Even speaking English. We know that in the BR world, the characters can't talk English, so how is he? And even stranger, he was brought back via A SUMMONING CIRCLE, the same as what we accidentally made at the end of the Clips Nightmare questline.

So how is this related to The Cube?

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Okay, so we all know the cube controls the storm, the husks, etc. So he is definetely alive. In Clip's Nightmare, we're told that Carter's ghost may have not even of been her, and that it could have been part of the curse, and we were left on a cliffhanger..BUT..Who else can manipulate voices and mimic other peoples forms? The Cube. This is demonstrated in the Canny Storyline, when he makes fake versions of Dennis and other characters. And who else is a purple, manipulated form of themselves? And can speak English in a world that CANT SPEAK? Midas. Midas isn't the real Midas, but another duplicate made by The Cube to throw us off. Which is why his voice is slightly altered, he's purple like the other duplicates made by the Cube, and has powers that only people in the STW universe have; He can speak like the Cube, he has memory like the Cube. Other BR characters do not. That's my theory.

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Feel free to comment your thoughts and give me your theories on this 🙂


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