This community doesn’t allow “Subreddit Feedback”

Content of the article: "This community doesn’t allow “Subreddit Feedback”"

Today, I disagreed with some policies such as Humor Guidelines, Discussion Guidelines, and the Golden Rule policy. I really think the devs are making this subreddit more annoying that it should be, by not allowing users to post freely.

I understand, and defend, rules that stand for prohibiting inappropriate images, offensive posts, cuss words, and other things that may be off topic to Fortnite. This is a way of making this platform more enjoyable. However, considering this is supposed to be "all things Fortnite", there shouldn't be any restrictions of memes that have certain elements taken from the internet under the fair use policy of Copyright. There shouldn't be a policy against in-game elements such as "lobby screens" or "Battle Pass screens". Many people take an image from the internet, and change it/add text to it, making the meme genuinely funny. Some people may even take post's from Fortnite's social media to make a meme, but that's not allowed. Other people might point out something funny in in-game elements, but it's not allowed. Why isn't it allowed? Because it could saturate poor content? Well that's what excessive humor guidelines are for, they prevent posts from being posted over and over again, and if the sub ever gets saturated with lobby screens (which would be unrealistic), then this rule would allow it to go back into balance.

Some of the rules leave room for interpretation, which often leads to confusion and irrational removal of posts. Also, no post should be removed if it provides criticism or feedback on the subreddit (as it was supposed not to be). If it's not being destructive and offensive, then it's not a problem.

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In general, some of my ideas might not work as intended, but the current set of rules are also not working as intended, considering many redditors are not satisfied with it. It's understandable that the team wants to keep the community closely monitored, but more important than that is ensuring members have a good experience overall. What is the line between order and no freedom of speech?

Revise your rules…


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