This game is turning into a soulless corporate advertisement

Content of the article: "This game is turning into a soulless corporate advertisement"

It’s been really sad to see the progression of this game along the course of the past five seasons when they started doing collabs. It’s now clear to me that they just don’t give a shit anymore. They’re willing to milk this game out of every single penny of promotions and sponsorship deals that they possibly can. I miss when this game was just… a normal game? I get epic is a company, but it’s just gone too far at this point. I miss when it was just a simple BR with an interesting mechanic. But that’s not what epic wants, apparently. Their ideal version of the game is a no-building, skill-less advertising platform for companies to throw their intellectual properties into to make a quick buck. Everything special and unique about this game removed to appeal to an army of oblivious twelve year olds and mindless consoomers.

And fortnite’s casual playerbase is too young and naive to care. They don’t realize all of these collaborations are put in with the sole intention of delivering a profit to their shareholders. As long as they keep raking in money from all the little timmies buying iron man skins they don’t need to actually put real effort into the game and listen to the community’s feedback. They don’t need to make a cool storyline. They don’t need to separate loot pools— adding fun weapons in pubs and balanced weapons in comp. It’s a very slippery slope, and it’s making me genuinely worried about this game’s future.

And as for comp? Epic never will, and never did give a shit about it. The fact that they’re allowing fucking avengers mythic weapons to leak over into competitive proves everything to me. Such a genius mechanic gone to waste.

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Hopefully this is just a one-off season, but I have a feeling it isn’t. I just hope that someday the community can make a building PVP game where epic left off, because it’s clear they just aren’t willing to support it anymore.


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