This is how to get better at fortnite (how I got better)

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So, I started out fortnite in season 3 on ps4. This was pretty much the first video game I had ever played, aside from Minecraft and Mario. I was never that good on ps4, probably because I never really tried to get better. But In chapter 2 season 2, I switched to pc keyboard and mouse and I really tried to get better. I think that for most people, keyboard and mouse is better and easier. For me everything on controller just felt a little unnatural and sort of clunky. This post will be about how I got better since I made the switch.

Ok, I know everyone says to do this, but vod review. I thought it was dumb at first, I thought, “oh but I already know why I died” but trust me it helps a lot. See what you did wrong. Maybe you were too aggressive, maybe you missed all of your shots, or maybe you missed all of your edits. Whichever mistake you’re making, grind it. If you have bad aim, grind aim trainers. If you you have inconsistent edits, do edit courses etc. I would also strongly recommend trying to learn piece control. Another really good thing (this is the main thing about how I got better) just play a lot of box fights with friends. I used to think boxfights was dumb because you’re never in an enclosed space in game, but it’s much more than that. You get into so many boxfights in game and don’t realize it. Whenever you try to take someone’s wall- that’s boxfight. Whenever you get pressured when you’re in a box- that’s boxfights. It overall just trains your mechanics more and helps with pretty much everything. And again, make sure you’re practicing piece control when you play boxfights. I played boxfights with my friends for about 2 hours everyday for all of quarantine. This actually made me insanely good. Now, you don’t have to do this and do boxfights everyday for two hours. Just make sure you are confident when boxfighting because most fights end with one player in a box. Whenever you are getting pressured when you’re in a box, you need to know what to do and feel confident.

Once you have decent mechanics and aim, you’re gonna have to really work on your game sense. This is something you can’t really learn from videos or anything. You can only learn game sense through experience. If you’re really bad, then just do a lot of zone wars with friends. But if you’re confident enough, go into arena solos and just play. However, in the current meta fighting is more important than being smart in rotations and game sense, so I won’t go too in depth into that.

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To get better at fighting, do what I said to do already: boxfights, zone wars, piece control. However, out of all of these things, I truly believe that boxfighting is the most important. But boxfighting, zonewars, that’s all creative. The only real practice is gonna have to be in-game. Go into arena solos and wkey everyone. If you die, vod review. Especially if you die to a massive sweat.

Speaking of sweats, you’re gonna run into quite a lot of them in games. So this is how to counter them: go for unexpected shots; use their own aggression and confidence against them. If they get you low and keep trying to box up to heal, you’re usually gonna keep running away. The sweat is gonna get tired and impatient if you running away, so they’re probably gonna double pickaxe your wall, which you can then edit and bop them for a 200. If it’s a cranker-sweat, don’t contest them. Just don’t. They’re not going to give up high ground and you’re just gonna waste all of you mats and get third-partied. Instead, just go down to the ground and box up. Boxfight them. This is why it’s important to be good at boxfighting. If they don’t come down, knock them down, or pretend to, but just don’t let your guard down.

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Ok one last important thing. Aim is key. Aim is more important than editing, building, or even piece control. Most pros use a mid sense, some a little mid low, some a little mid high. But the best of the best pros? The ones with the most earnings? Legit all of them are low sense. Except for a few exceptions like Benjy and Savage, literally all of them are low sense. I’m not saying to lower your sense (although that would be good 56-40 edpi), I’m just saying how important aim is. Train your aim a lot. Do aim trainers. I use aim lab on steam (it’s free) but I don’t really use it that much. I only have like 10 hours on it.

TLDR: get good at boxfights, completely master it. Try to get good piece control and good aim. The best practice to get better at fighting is to just wkey everyone in arena solos.

Overall, this is how I got better and I think that this will help a lot of you guys. Tell me if this helps, and thank you all! 😊

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