Tips For Leveling Up Your Comp Performance!

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Wanna level up your comp play? Here’s some overarching words for anyone trying to level up their game!


the generally skilled player can easily say “ok i messed up, that rotate led me to this dragged out box fight that I lost.” but extensive vod reviewing should first be learned by WATCHING coaches and top players who vocalize the review instead of just reviewing with one or two comments. As soon as you drop off the bus, every decision made will add up to where you end up, and every fight you lose, is ultimately your fault because of the decisions YOU made.


remember when in seasons 1-6 it was streamers who dominated the game, dropping 20-30 kill games in rows and rows? it wasn’t cause they had good RNG. it was because they were MUCH better than the general players. Canceling out RNG as much as possible is achieved through polishing your mechanics as best as possible. I think of RNG as not only loot drops but also decisions made by other players, since for the most part we don’t get the same 100 people in our lobbies. the reason why pros don’t like W-keyers is because it adds another level of randomness to the game that can be avoided, thus making the game MUCH more difficult.

Here’s an example of what I do to avoid as much RNG as I can this season:

Since my drop spot is the old tree house on the opposite side of modern at dooms domain, I no longer land on the roof or the side chest spawn. without 100% chest spawns landing on chests are no longer the best strat.

I now land thru the front door, which instantly gives me access to 2 floor loot spawns, then run into the kitchen, where i will either hear a chest above me or a chest below me. that is 2 possible chest spawns, and if its above me i break it down and if it’s below me i break the floor. simple right?

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that landing is SO MUCH MORE effective than my previous landing of just the possible chest on the roof, and the best part is if someone didn’t find a chest at the roof I go and take them out. they have to break 2 builds to access the second nearest possible chest while I only have to break one. Thinking smart not hard. i’ve found my first encounter with people is no longer so 50/50 as now I’m getting the better hand on most (about 80% compared to the previous 40-50%) of the players who contest me.

  1. RESET YOUR MENTALITY. never tilt queue. never. you’re not gonna get in “ya bag” and drop a 20 bomb. (generally lol) take breaks but within the game. What I like to do when i’m selling the bag is to go into creative and shit on some kids on fill with my mic muted but voice audio on. it feels good when you hear a kid say “omg that’s such a lucky shot you’re ass at the game,” when I KNOW it wasn’t a lucky shot, it was the result of my constant practice. I need to feel like the best player in the world again, and it puts me back into my flowstate. try it!


notice you failed an edit and it got you killed? go into creative and practice that edit 100 times. missed some shots that got you killed? I don’t kovaaks but rather train my aim in the game in creative worlds, and that helped tremendously. I can’t speak on kovaaks because i’ve never done it so i don’t know how much better it makes your aim.

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always always always practice your mechanics and aim, even if it’s boring. one thing I personally do to practice in game is to play a box fight with a friend where they have a gold pump with a scar and smg / heals of their choice and I have a grey pump and ar, with 5 bandages and 6 minis. A mistake that I make costs me way more than a mistake that they make, which forces me to make no mistakes, plus it puts me in an automatic disadvantage, which in my mentality is every 1v that I have in arena/cups. I go into every fight thinking that my enemy has better loot than me, so I have to be better mechanically to beat them. my aim has to be better, my piece control HAS TO BE BETTER. it is a battle of who makes a mistake first, and since my mistakes is based off MY performance, I’m therefore accountable for my actions. missing shots means losing out on potential damage I could’ve gotten, and it’s because my aim is not as good as it should be. that’s ok though, because I will always be better than I was yesterday. and so will you!

  1. GENERAL TIPS *Dont jump right into a pub or arena match/cup, always warm up. ( it takes me about an hour of practice to warm up and by the third hour of me playing i’m at my best.) don’t be discouraged cause it takes so long for you to warm up, it varies person to person.


this is more so for solo events/ arena. get in a call with your friends, goof around and have fun with them while playing the game, it makes your overall experience much more enjoyable. ( just make sure you can silence them when you need to concentrate.

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even if this means less time for the boys, play with people above your skill level. it’ll force you to level up to keep up with them, and gives you incentive and drive to get better. preferably someone who can 5-0 you if you aren’t on your A-game.


I don’t think i have to explain this one.



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