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I'm gonna get hate for this, but whatever.

So is it just me or are the fortnite pros really toxic? a day doesn't got by when they aren't calling each other out on twitter, especially tfue. I was watching his stream today and he said something along the lines of, "all the pros have a hard on for him" tbh, i kinda believe him now, everyday some pro calls him out for some dumb ass reason.

For example:

-Mackwood tweeted out, "Another season of mythic POIs turning trash players into gods" thats a direct dig at him because they were were doing pretty good in the tourny with the launcher.

– Zayt's entire trio calling him out every-time for no reason on twitter.

-I also heard blizzard today talking shit about tfue's trio for using the grenade launcher, btw, they never mentioned anyone else who uses the grenade launcher.

-clix also said something.

All this is from today, or at-least that i know of. Then tfue says some shit on his stream and they respond and play the victim card – tfue's fanboy dming/spamming their stream. Mackwood tweeted, "I could never imagine being Ninja and dealing with tfues little army my WHOLE career. God bless that man." The man called him out first on twitter and doesnt expect to get backlash from his fans? when he does he plays the victim card. Like you should know people like clix, tfue, and ninja have a loyal fanbase and will defend him, but you still tweet out shit to take digs at them.

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I honestly can't tell if they do it with ill intent, jealousy, are fanboys, or to farm impressions. I know they are all teens, but at-least show some professionalism ffs. Like do they not care about the impact this might have on their future? It’s one of the reasons calc never got signed to a decent team and had to fall back on a shit org like bbg.


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