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I just finished Twine SSD 10 last night and thought some of my experience might be helpful.

First, I found a guide but it was a bit out of date ( I followed the placement order from that guide (except I had already placed Ridge, then Ramp rather than the other way around as it suggests).

For 10, I found another guide which is much more up to date ( The wave order from this guide seemed to be accurate —

HB > Ridge > Ramp > Pit > Valley > Devil > Beach > (Lava, Hill, Bridge)

The last 3 in parenthesis were NEVER hit during my SSDs.

SSD 7: HB > Ridge > Ramp > Pit > Valley

SSD 8: HB > Ridge > Ramp > Pit > Valley

SSD 9: HB > Ridge > Ramp > Pit > Valley > Beach (as Devil was not yet placed)

SSD 10: HB > Ridge > Ramp > Pit > Valley > Devil (Placing Devil meant Beach was no longer attacked)

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Homebase — North seemed to be the preferred spawn for me, but East did get attacked once or twice. Also, I thought the spawns for North were all at the base of the ramp, but some husks spawned on top of the cliff which caused issues in SSD7. To fix this, I blocked off the path around the East Side of the ramp and used Drop Traps (pointing the muffler towards the tunnel) and launchers to push any that spawned up top into my trap tunnel at the middle. I used timeout rooms (2 x Broadsides, Wall Light, Floor Freeze, Gas Trap) along the sides with wall launchers in the middle of the tunnel and tire traps 2-3 tiles high oriented to assist in pushing husks into the timeout rooms (muffler towards timeout room). This seemed quite effective.

Ridge — There are 3 ways the husks seem to be able to path. I blocked off the West path as it seemed like Flingers liked to try to go around that way to try to get an angle. There were Smashers and maybe Takers also. I built for the East path, but in 7-10 I didn't notice much if any husks taking that path. I remember them using it in earlier SSDs though so I would still build for it.

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Ramp — This was probably my most effective trap tunnel. There seem to be two paths (straight up the middle and up a ramp on the north), but I did not notice any husks take the north ramp on 7-10. I followed the formula from Homebase North of timeout rooms and Drop Traps. The only things that could made it through were Takers (7-8) and Smashers (9-10). There were also Flingers but they didn't make it out of the tunnel. A burst or two from my SMG seemed to stun Takers long enough to prevent them getting through. For Smashers, the Potshot was able to kill them before they made it out of the tunnel (you will use a LOT of rocket ammo).

Pit — This was a hard one. I basically built multiple layers over the top of the amp and then placed a tunnel on the Southwest and Northwest, blocking off the middle West. The husks seemed to prefer the Northwest though they also tried to attack the blocked off section. Some flingers unexpectedly, went down through Bridge Amp (which I didn't build for as its never attacked) and flanked South of Pit to get an angle. One was even standing in the lava (I assumed lava killed them) throwing husks at Pit. I was never attacked from North (Devil Amp side) despite the guides saying this side can be attacked. I built a tunnel for it but it never got attacked. Pit has a lot of Flingers and I believe some Takers also.

Valley — LOTS of Smashers. I believe this was an elimination wave on SSD 10 to boot. Most of the husks and smashers tried to take the middle ramp on the South side, but a few Smashers went around the West side. I ended up placing a couple of Defenders on the West side along with more traps so I wouldn't have to keep running over there to deal with a stray Smasher. I built an entire tunnel on the East side between Valley and Beach but if anything tried to go through there it didn't make it far enough for me to notice. On SSD 10, I just blocked off the East ramp entirely and deleted most of that trap tunnel to free up building pieces (I was close to the limit) and crafting materials.

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Beach — I seem to remember on earlier SSDs (5-6) being attacked from North but from what I'm reading that spawn no longer exists. For SSD 7-9 (placing Devil prevented Beach from being attacked on SSD 10), it was attacked from the South with a few husks making their way around the East side. There were a bunch of Smashers and not a lot of room to build, so you will need to proactively watch for and kill Smashers. A combination of Broadsides, Floor Spikes, and Gas Traps effectively dealt with the smaller husks.

Devil — The name fits. The hardest part is the terrain which makes it difficult to block off the Southeast side. I ended up spamming Ceiling Electric Fields to slow down/stop the husks that inevitably broke through my attempt to block that side. For the middle, I used the same timeout room concept as Homebase North and Ramp East along with Drop Traps and Broadsides at the start of the tunnel. I failed this one the first try because I wasn't prepared for the lobbers and possibly flingers (don't remember for sure). I jumped straight from 9 to 10 and didn't build enough protection. Second go, I build a full blown lobber shield on both the North and West sides. I was only attacked from North but there is supposed to also be a West spawn and I build for that also.

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