Unfinished Business (Can we get confirmation these are/aren’t being worked on?)

Content of the article: "Unfinished Business (Can we get confirmation these are/aren’t being worked on?)"

A few things have not been addressed since it was announced the STW has been moved out of early access and is "complete."

  1. What happened to the 3rd balance change for traps? Correct me if I'm wrong and missed it but I don't recall the 3rd balance change ever being implemented. Will this still be added to the game or has it been abandoned?
  2. What happened to wraps for melee weapons and hoverboards? There has been no mention of whether these will be added or if they have also been abandoned.
  3. What about the Survivor squad bonus rework? It was mentioned at one point that survivor bonuses would be reworked to make them actually useful. With the exception of Trap Durability the rest are completely useless as their impact is only a fraction of a percent on their respective bonuses.
  4. Since the main story is "complete" does that mean SSD rushing can now be removed? Ever since this was added to the game an influx of inexperienced players reached Twine resulting in public lobbies becoming undesirable for most players that actually learned how to play the game.
  5. Will there ever be an official trading system added to the game? If not will dropping of resources or weapons or traps be removed? Simply adding the no drop rule for Mythic weapons to every other currently droppable thing in the game will eliminate 95% of the toxic behavior in the game.
  6. Is there any plans for new mission types going forward?
  7. Is there any plans for new husks going forward?
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It would be great to receive a response to these questions from a CM or a dev. It would also show that communication has not been completely abandoned.

Edit: Updated to remove hoverboard wraps as I didn't know they were in the game.


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