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First of all, welcome to r/FortniteSavetheWorld ! As you may have noticed, we have been "recently" very active and open regarding our actions within this subreddit, and that's here to stay !

Post Removals

We have an Automoderator removing some posts (mainly about trading), but as long as you follow the rules you're completely fine 🙂

If your submission have been removed and you believe this was a mistake, feel free to send us a modmail and we'll look into it.

Mod Flairs

  1. Mod Post / Sub Updates – General announcements regarding this subreddit
  2. Patch Notes / Epic Updates – General news from Epic and Patch notes

Editable Posts Flairs

These are posts flair that you can edit to include your power level and/or your mission power level. If you need help to edit them, here is a video guide on how to edit post flairs.

  1. Carry Me (user PL + mission PL) – I mean you can try your luck, someone may wanna help carry you
  2. Looking For Help (user PL + mission PL) – Looking for help on a specific mission ? Here's your to-go flair !
  3. Looking To Play (user PL) – Wanna Save The Word Together – This is your flair
  4. SSD (user PL) – If you need help on a StormShield Defense, here's your flair !
  5. Taxi / Reverse Taxi (user PL + mission PL) – Need a quick taxi to a higher or lower level mission, ask away !

Posts Flairs

Please attempt to flair your posts to make it easier to search for content that you enjoy and also to state what your post is about. Important : If a post is unflaired you will be sent an auto message asking you to flair the post so it can be approved. Failing to provide a flair will result in an auto post removal after a 5 minute time period – adding a flair will re-approve the post.

  1. Discussion – Looking for a chat, wanna talk Fortnite, this is your flair
  2. Question / Which One – Looking for an answer or unsure what to choose, ask away.
  3. Hosting – Hosting a game and fancy getting some of the community on board
  4. Wisdom – If you have any helpful advice or tutorial videos to share with the community – we can now all 'get gud' together.
  5. r/FortniteScraps Materials you need getting rid of, give them away using this flair
  6. Meme / Humour – Tis a meme or something funny, who knows
  7. Art / Vids / Pics / Concepts Drawings, arty stuff, in-game vids, 'clip that' moments, screenshots, photography, screensavers and concepts. You get the jist.
  8. RANT – Something Fortnite related you've gotta get off your chest.
  9. StW Struggles – Those moments only StW players will truly understand
  10. Leaks – Datamind files, skins, etc…
  11. Wholesome – Wholesome stories, photos and videos surrounding Fortnite
  12. Bugs – Glitches and exploits in the game (state console, pc, or mobile)
  13. Random – For all those 'streamer screenshots' or stuff that doesn't fit in any other flair
  14. Sub / Mod feedback – Feedback is what'll shape this sub, so anything you want us to see use this.
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This sub is shaped by the community, for the community, so keep us mods on our toes and we can have a real go at improving this sub for you guys.


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