[UPDATE WE DID IT] Hosting a Fortnite Tournament For My Middle School Students

Hey everyone!

A little over a month ago I asked you all how I could host a tournament for my middle school students and I'm here to say not only did we get it to happen but it turned out amazing and I want to thank you all so much. We didn't just host a tournament we hosted a full-on MS World Cup with 100 players, tons of different camera angles, an announcer, interviews, and more.

Here is how we did it!

  1. I got a creator code
  2. Got the superintendent to approve the tournament.
  3. Got every participant to sign consent forms.
  4. The day of the tournament I made a zoom call where I gave them all the code (Most middle schoolers don't have access to discord, but our district gave them all Chromebooks so zoom worked best)
  5. We played 6 matches, where I dropped the lowest scoring match since some middle schoolers were bound to mess up joining a game.
  6. The next day, I went into replays to count up all the scoring using the kill feed (the students have no clue how they actually did in the tournament until I live-streamed it the following week)
  7. Then, I used every night that week using replays to edit every game together using the two accounts I dropped in the game and getting a couple of replay files from the players who played on pc.
  8. After I had all the games edited I live-streamed the tournament on twitch and announced all the games as if it was happening live. The live stream is also when students were able to figure out how they did after every game. The top teams got prizes.
  9. I posted the video on youtube after the live stream
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What Made Things Difficult

  1. The kill feed in replays took forever to do. One thing that was extra difficult was if Team A knocked a player on team B, but team C put out the player knocked on Team B, then it showed up as an elimination for Team C. I really wish epic would just add in a list of all the placements and kills from everyone in the game that you could look at on replays. This would've saved me 10+ hours of time, and it's more consistent than looking at the kill feed since I was bound to miss one. I didn't use rematch because not every middle schooler has discord and I think getting 100 players to do that correctly would've been almost impossible (I also wasn't too familiar with it).
  2. Replays are only smooth for the player the camera is following or anyone right next to the player. This made it difficult if one of the 4 camera angles got put on a bush camper because anyone decently far from the main player being followed by the camera would show up moving at like 10fps.
  3. Replays don't show the visual for when you are editing (No 3 by 3 grid), not a huge deal but still would've been nice to see.
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Thank You!

  1. Overall though, the tournament went amazing and I want to say thank you to this sub and epic for making this possible. You all are the best and if any big-time streamer sees this and can mention it on their stream my kids would flip out!


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