Updates I would like to see

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a semi-open world map

It would place to farm and mess around with friends.

The map would generate three times the size of a normal map.

Vending machines would spawn that sell consumables like clingers,port-a-forts,and cannon ball generades for building materials

The center of the map would have a extraction poinr where you can claim your rewards for completing side quests and leave the missions

A Random events would take place every 10 minutes

The random events would consist of

Drone crash

Roaming mini boss

Invaders from beyond time and space- This event Will Randomly spawn 1 of the following

A duo of Crome huskies

A trio of elemental blaster minibosses

A old style blaster as a miniboss

Every single costumed enemy ever all at once

A group of marauders from the other mode- Play as any variation of Kyle to convince them to join your side as a defender

Which one decides to join you or any at all is RNG


They will be hostile towards you,Ray will not allow you to shoot a "survoir" so you have to survive for a certain period of time with them hunting you down until Ray can find a rift that can put them back where they came from.

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Each random event adds a gold medal to your reward that you claim when extracted

They also all drop a present with crafting materials based on your powerlevel

Update the games graphics

The games graphics just are starting to look old compared to the other gamemode

Here is a picture of the twinepeaks ssd with the chapter 2 graphics with full Epic settings

I highly doubt most of the community would be up for chapter 2 graphics but any Graphical upgrade could do wonders

Fix events such as hoard bash to work without the skill tree

last month the other mode got a gamemode that was told be broken due to game mechanics change and they fixed it,It took them a while but they still fixed it and ir was well received and another broken mode got fixed this patch

Surely we can get one old event fixed eventually so the seasonal content loop doesn't have the same mode more them once a year but that's just wishful thinking.

I mean think about it we have 5 seasons a year but only 3 seasonal gamemodes Epic actually uses, 4 if you count the wargames event even though its a permanent mode


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