Ventures could change the future of STW forever


Ventures sucks, but has the ability to not suck. It just needs to take some lessons from other rpgs that have seasonal reset content people enjoy. I have some ideas.

  1. Some weaponry has an innate unique ability, not taking the place of a perk slot. One of the love bows in shop right now has one for example. Ventures should add new weaponry, or schematics for existing weapons into ventures that have an added innate ability that is unique to either a specific weapon style and type, or set of weaponry. Purchasing the weapon from a vending machine, or getting it as mission reward unlocks the schematic, or improvement to an existing schematic in the base game. This is a huge win for ventures if done well.

  2. They need to significantly buff ventures xp rewards. Ventures should be much faster progression than the base game. It would be a great way to pull in new players and give them a taste of what they could have and see. Likewise veterans wont feel like they are forced to do it every single day instead of doing what they actually want to do in the base game.

  3. I would personally design a battle pass for ventures so STW has their own and STW has an additional profit margin. The battle pass would offer super chargers, skins, and emotes like BR with upgrade materials and flux scattered about. The final reward would be a new unique weapon only obtainable via the battle pass. This would follow along similar seasonal reset based content like in say path of exile or diablo 3, or similar battle pass designs such as in Call of Duty games.

  4. Like in BR the pass can be bought with vbucks.

  5. The pass would not contain any similar skins as in BR encouraging BR players to play STW and buy the pass. As such Fortnite has the added potential of instantly doubling their total profit on Fortnite as a whole by monetizing the battle pass in BR and STW to the same players.

  6. This would mean that Epic Games would no longer have any excuse to not focus on creating content, updating, and expanding the STW concept. Likewise the STW player base gets more of what they want, more skins, a game mode they actually will want to play every reset (and feel like they are not wasting a ton of time by actually getting beneficial rewards for their time, both in general, and from the pass).

    If these things are added, and ventures is improved upon to capitalize on "FUN" gameplay, no doubt this would be a major change in direction for the current state of STW.

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Personally I would also add minimum level caps to ventures as well so people cant get carried through all their ventures levels the last week of the ventures season.


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